Ace Asunder is Alive!

A wild new website has appeared on the internet! Yeah. I know. There’s nothing at all special about that. Not being pessimistic over here. I am above all else a blunt realist and this is a harsh reality we all live in.

I’ll be honest and true to my own heart. There are a near infinite amount of websites out there run by people who want to write for a living. My project is just a small drop in an endless sea, so to say, but I’m cool with that. I hold no false hopes of turning into a internet celebrity or becoming a known writer by doing this. I’m writing for me. It’s actually quite good for my soul. If I can attract one entertained reader to this website I’ll consider it a social success!

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Seriously Geeky Sundays: Beginnings

Another day in April 2020, another Blapril article written by me! Today I’m going to take part in another community event while participating in this event. Meta blogging community-eventing over here or something, I guess?

Anyway, the awesome Heather over at Just Geeking By started a series of blogging prompts called Seriously Geeky Sundays. This is such perfect timing since I’m bumbling along to create content every day in April for Belghast’s Blapril event. Definitely check out Heather’s cool prompts and take part in the fun if you want!

Without anymore intro babbling from me, here are my answers to Just Geeking By’s questions for this week. Thank you, Heather!

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Blood Is Still Needed in the Coronapocalypse Era

STAY HOME is the good message being spread around the globe. Staying home saves lives, and you should most definitely do that, but if you’re eligible and able to donate blood, GO TO THE BLOOD DONOR CLINIC to save even more lives.

The need for blood doesn’t go away when pandemics strike. People canceling their blood donation appointments because they fear contracting the virus, or have contracted the virus, is another serious threat to healthcare systems across the globe right now. If you can, please, just do it!!

I did today, and yes, that is my arm in the article’s header image. Bandage of honor, baby! That tattoo has some special meanings and whatnot too, but that’s another story for another post, kids. Life is a big endless learning process, let me tell you.

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Novel Notes: The Tales of Lunis Aquaria

I had a bad day “today” so I’m writing this from the future! Spooky. Nah. Seriously, I had a really crappy Friday April 3rd 2020 and missed my Blapril post for this day. I’m therefore attempting to cheat by backdating this post and writing another one for actual today, too. Ha! Take that, system…. (please don’t disqualify me).

Moving on with the actual article content and not talking about my personal drama, here are my thoughts on The Tales of Lunis Aquaria by Tessa Hastjarjanto!

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Late to the Poképarty

Day 2 of the Blapril post spree has arrived, and with it another quickly thrown together article since I did not plan for this AT ALL! Oh well. Bumbling through stressful stuff is the theme of life in general these days. Just gotta roll with it with a forced smile, no matter how I much I just want to break down and cry, eh!

Today, I’m going to babble a bit about Pokémon GO, the mobile walking game that was insanely popular when it first came out back in 2016, fell off the radar briefly, and then surged-ish again in popularity recently. I remember my boss was obsessed with the game when it first came out, but I was thoroughly uninterested. I mean, as a kid I loved Pokémon Yellow/Blue/Red/Gold/Silver, but the series lost me after the first 251 pocket monsters. Seriously, there are odd household objects passing as Pokémon these days. Well, back in my day…. [rant removed].

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Flamingo Fountain From Fallout 4

My stress level is completely freaking maxed out, man. I won’t address the microscopic elephant in the room directly (you know who you are, you relentless little packet of replicating RNA… damn you!) but I literally can’t get any more upset no matter what else goes catastrophically wrong in my life. It’s an emotional state of eerie stressed serenity. Yeah. It’s hard to describe. I’ll be okay… probably.

Anyway, I heard this really cool internet togetherness event was happening called Blapril, where you are basically challenged to do a post a day in April 2020 and share in on a wonderful community objective. Now, normally things on this scale require lots of planning and whatnot, but nah. I just jumped in blindly and am gonna bumble my way through this! It’s kinda like how I handle everything in my life these days. And since I’m incapable of being any more stressed than I already am, it’s the perfect project!

So let’s pull some content out of my head while I slowly descend into madness over here, shall we? Hm. Well, I really love taking screenshots in video games. I bought a capture card just to give my classic consoles that functionality and have too many GBs of screenshots saved from various games. Might as well share some!

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March 2020 – Asundered!

Yes, I am aware asundered isn’t a word, but I don’t care! My website, my word rules. Ha! Anyway, welcome to my monthly wrap-up article! Let’s see what went down in my online life during these past 28-31 days…

I’m not going to address why in this opening paragraph (I’m sure we’ve all heard a billion depressing things about the, um, terrible thing spreading across our planet at this time) but March 2020 sure SUCKED for the entire human race, eh? It was also the first month my blog was in business! That’s something positive… probably.

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Tranquilizing My Truths With The Test

First off, this is a very short game (like, about 10 minutes) where the less you know the better… so reading the rest of this post might be a bad idea if you wanna play it, just sayin’. It’s also cheap! Very important in this current collapsed-by-corona economy. It’s here on Steam if you want to see (not a sponsored link by the way… just being helpful!)

To sell you on it before I potentially spoil things: it’s basically a glorified personality test with some old school RPG style art and spooky themes. It nailed the root cause of some issues that had been plaguing my poor defeated mind for a while. Seriously, I almost cried and played it several times it comforted me so much. Take that however ya want, and don’t read anymore if you want to play it for yourself. This article can wait.

It sure seemed to do that for me!
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Crazed Corona Chatter 1

It’s good to vent! That’s one of the main reasons why I write stuff, actually. Like most of the world, I’ve been driven completely crazy by the COVID-19 crisis. All other humans in the physical world are potential virus vectors to be avoided. It’s a freaking terrifying time as we watch death counts soar and hunker down helplessly as all our freedoms are taken away for the greater good of humanity.

And so, this “Crazed Corona Chatter” series of articles will be my way to just unload about it when I feel I need to. Sadly, I don’t think this depressing chaos will go away anytime soon.

Feel free to vent in the comments section too. I’m listening and here for ya! We got this.

Ugh! What the hell happened to the world?? Why is this little package of evil RNA replicating itself exponentially, spreading like wildfire, and wreaking havoc on human existence as we all knew it? It seems like years ago there was just a bunch of memes and half concern over some “flu virus in China”.

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A Cool Magic Key Concept

Netflix’s Locke & Key series came at me right outta left field (and may have been suggested by the same cool friend who’s been selling me on a lot of media items lately). I’ve heard of the comic series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez that this is based on, but never paid it much attention. I can now say I was missing out on a hella intriguing story concept!

It’s clear that the Locke family has hit the rock bottom of their reality when the show opens. Their father, Rendell, has been murdered and the rest of the family is understandably still quite traumatized after surviving the hostage situation that followed. In the hopes of creating a fresh start for her family, the mother, Nina, has moved her 3 kids across the country to live in Rendell’s mysterious childhood home: Keyhouse.

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