Ace Asunder is Alive!

A wild new website has appeared on the internet! Yeah. I know. There’s nothing at all special about that. Not being pessimistic over here. I am above all else a blunt realist and this is a harsh reality we all live in.

I’ll be honest and true to my own heart. There are a near infinite amount of websites out there run by people who want to write for a living. My project is just a small drop in an endless sea, so to say, but I’m cool with that. I hold no false hopes of turning into a internet celebrity or becoming a known writer by doing this. I’m writing for me. It’s actually quite good for my soul. If I can attract one entertained reader to this website I’ll consider it a social success!

So what’s Ace Asunder going to be all about? Glad you thought that question! I might be new to this particular project but I am no stranger to the internet or blogging. In my many years of online travels I’ve noticed that there are a ton of talented content creators out there trying to become known. I want to use this website to promote good people with big dreams. Expect to see some articles about the products crafted by indie content creators (game developers, aspiring authors, fanfiction fanatics, Etsy entrepreneurs, badass bloggers, etc.).

Another topic that’s near and dear to my heart is asexual representation so expect to see respectful articles on asexual topics. I spent the first 28 years of my life wondering what the hell is wrong with me for not desiring that glorious sex thing everyone else seems to be obsessed with. That answer was “No. There is nothing wrong with me at all, and OMG, I’m not alone!!” once I discovered what the asexuality orientation was. I don’t want anyone else to ever have to go through all the destructive drama I did while trying to understand myself and what love feels like to me.

By the way, you know how I used the term “respectful articles on asexual topics” in the above paragraph? Well, I’ve noticed far too many frustrated asexual folks forcing their views on other orientations and adding to this stupid tension with the LGBTQ+ community. No! That is wrong to do simply because we are often being oppressed too. Just because I/you don’t want sex doesn’t mean other orientations should stop talking about it. Sex is a powerful drive to the vast majority of adults. It is healthy and important for humans to creatively express those base desires through adult content if they so desire.

Personally, I identify as an ace and an ally. I fully support love in all of its beautiful forms and am beyond outraged by the homophobia that still haunts society. Consenting adults should be free to express their love together however they want to. My motto: You do you… just don’t do me. So enjoy your sexy time scene stuff but kindly give me a few options to skip it whenever reasonably possible. Thanks!

And finally, I’m your typical media consumer who wants to be a writer and likes to write about their opinions on the media they’ve viewed. I have no doubts articles about various video games, music, novels, shows, movies, and creative writing prompts will show up on Ace Asunder someday too.

Alright! That’s it for this first post. Let’s see where this website actually goes…

Do you like our content and want to support Ace Asunder? Check out how you can do that here! (Shocking Spoiler: It doesn’t involve giving us money for writing this.)

2 thoughts on “Ace Asunder is Alive!

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  1. We wish you a lot of success with your writings and hope you always shall feel happy with whom you are … always just stay yourself and enjoy being one of the creatures on this globe which has lots ot offer.

    Good luck.

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