Wildly Obsessed With Wentworth

I wouldn’t know firsthand since I’ve never been in jail (or even konwingly broken any laws since I’m an upstanding person) but prison sounds like a really brutal place I’d never want to end up. Gangs, drugs, being caged in constant close proximity to other women with no privacy… yeah. I wouldn’t last long in that environment.

Prison dramas seem all the rage lately but I admit I haven’t been overly interested in them. At the time of this article I still haven’t seen Orange is the New Black, for example. A cool friend of mine told me I NEEDED to watch Wentworth IMMEDIATELY, and well, I’m freaking glad I listened to her!

This Australian drama is one masterpiece of an emotional roller coaster ride. It’s hard to put into words just how much this show pulled me in. I was a complete wreck (in a good way) after having pretty much binge-watched Seasons 1-7 on Netflix (the only way to see it in my part of the world).

For starters, this show is not for the faint of heart. It’s a gritty realistic view of the horrors prison can harbour. Characters meet brutal ends, drug use is rampant, and oh so much gruesome violence, psychological torture, and coarse language. Of course, there’s also lots of graphic sex scenes of both the lesbian and “traditional” heterosexual banging varieties.

So yeah, that sex thing… I identify as a personally sex repulsed asexual woman, but I’m a full supporter of consenting adults expressing their love for one another however they wish (I just prefer not to have to see it if I can avoid it). The lesbian sex scenes in Wentworth made me “meh” just as much as any heterosexual sex scene I’ve witnessed in media, but I am really glad the show decided to include them. Representation is extremely important and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay or showing gay sex scenes in media.

My demiromantic side is a sucker for relationships where I can feel a strong emotional bond between characters, and I can say Wentworth brought to life two lesbian couples that made me “D’aww!!” into tears. Love is love and love is not sex. Oh and Wentwoth has an amazing trans female character I fell in love with, too, so suck on all that progressiveness, bigots! Ahem.

The believable characters portrayed by awesome actors and the totally unpredictable prison plot lines are what make Wentworth shine in my eyes. The fictional Australian prison feels real and I can’t help but cheer for all the hardened criminals while hating some of the insanely corrupt staff members.

Just because you end up in jail doesn’t mean you’re an evil person. Life is hard and it’s sad to see what can force good people into becoming crazed crazed criminals.

Season 8 of Wentworth can’t show up on my Netflix page soon enough! Or maybe I should look into moving to Australia…

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