THE LONGING To Be a Gamer Again

Ugh. I’ve been in quite the video game playing slump this year. So far in all of 2020 I’ve managed to play a grand total of 42 minutes across various games I did enjoy playing at one time (unless Pokemon GO counts but that’s a story for another article). This is very, very unlike me… someone who’s been obsessed with playing video games for almost the entire 3 decades I’ve been alive on this planet.

I’m not exactly sure WTF is wrong with my inner gamer lately, but I have a feeling it’s a depression related block. I own tons of video games I was once excited to play, but every time I sit down to play something it feels like I’ve been kicked in the stomach and I just… can’t. I will say I have some troubled online history and a falling out with a close friend with whom I always used to talk about my gaming journeys with. Yep. Not being completely over that yet might have something do with it. Feelings seriously suck.

Time marches on, waits for no one, and I refuse to accept that I’m not a gamer anymore. I need to find something to renew my own personal interest in video games and I think THE LONGING (I’m not all caps styling this anymore) is just what I need to play right now. You might even say that I’m longing to be a gamer again. See. That’s totally a sign from the universe!

Hello, desperately needed new gaming concept!

Personal drama aside, I’m honestly sick of the patterns in mainstream gaming communities in general. Rush through this latest greatest game so you can play that newest greatest game right when it comes out, and then quickly talk about it on social media so your content stays relevant. I’m done with that mentality, son. Ace Asunder is allowing me to write for my own enjoyment again, and now I gotta start finding ways to game for my own enjoyment again.

Seriously. Rush, rush, rush is the theme of 99% of all video games and gamer culture. Gamers are often rewarded for lightning-fast reflexes in-game and clearing as many games as possible to earn praise on social media. Whatever happened to taking your time and enjoying playing things for you? Man, I feel so old and out of touch with the world. But yeah, that’s where The Longing seriously deviates from the norm. There is no rushing through this game even if you tried.

Also serious bonus points: the shade is incredibly sarcastic.

The little shade protagonist of The Longing is trying to kill literally 400 days alone underground while he patiently waits to awaken his godly king figure. He’s in no hurry to go anywhere and crawls along at a snail’s pace. While that sounds boring af, I actually found it really relaxing. It’s so nice to not feel rushed in a video game for once!

At the time of this article I’ve played for about 2 hours. The majority of that time was spent stubbornly refusing to accept the Halls of Eternity area really does go on forever (they seem to… and my aging computer DID NOT like that). I had fun exploring the caves very slowly and found a few cool items to spruce up my solo shade’s cave home.

Can a video game area really go on forever? Seems like it.

The really neat part is that this idle-adventure is still running while your not playing. I’m going to have fun periodically checking in on the little shade guy for a while. Maybe I’ll get him to a good ending eventually. Maybe I’ll finally read the novel Mobi Dick for the first time. Who knows? I do know I’m in no hurry to find the end and I’m enjoying every minute of this game that slowly ticks by.

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5 thoughts on “THE LONGING To Be a Gamer Again

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  1. I get what you mean by that ‘rush to stay relevant’. One of my close friends lent me a copy of Death Stranding a day or two after launch to play and create an opinion on, have been playing since at my own pace with no rush to put something out there to produce an article for its own sake. If a game matters will still matter, next up for me Resident Evil 2 so behind the curve again 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It will still be there, a good game is a good game. I do find waiting just an extra month or two (or few) takes that pressure off to produce something and not really enjoying the product

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Very true! Purchased games aren’t going anywhere. I do like your point about the pressure of a new game ruining my enjoyment of the product as well. Too much hype can definitely be a bad thing.


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