A Cool Magic Key Concept

Netflix’s Locke & Key series came at me right outta left field (and may have been suggested by the same cool friend who’s been selling me on a lot of media items lately). I’ve heard of the comic series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez that this is based on, but never paid it much attention. I can now say I was missing out on a hella intriguing story concept!

It’s clear that the Locke family has hit the rock bottom of their reality when the show opens. Their father, Rendell, has been murdered and the rest of the family is understandably still quite traumatized after surviving the hostage situation that followed. In the hopes of creating a fresh start for her family, the mother, Nina, has moved her 3 kids across the country to live in Rendell’s mysterious childhood home: Keyhouse.

Youngest Bode is quick to discover the house is full of magic keys that can unlock doors and do specific supernatural things. He also discovers the mysterious antagonistic Well Lady and accidentally enables her escape into the world.

The first season is spent coming to terms with the father’s death, discovering and protecting cool key magic, typical teenager drama, and one hell of a final plot twist that screams there’s a Season 2 in the works. I enjoyed the journey a lot. It was unlike any other magical concept I’ve previously seen in media.

If I could choose one of those keys to try out, it would definitely be The Head Key. That’s the one you stick in the back of your neck, a personally themed door portal shows up along with another you, and you get to enter a physical representation of your mind. Awesome! My mental health has honestly been a mess lately and I feel like this key could seriously help me sort out some of my internal drama. It sure seemed to help Kinsey conquer her fear, anyway…

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