Crazed Corona Chatter 1

It’s good to vent! That’s one of the main reasons why I write stuff, actually. Like most of the world, I’ve been driven completely crazy by the COVID-19 crisis. All other humans in the physical world are potential virus vectors to be avoided. It’s a freaking terrifying time as we watch death counts soar and hunker down helplessly as all our freedoms are taken away for the greater good of humanity.

And so, this “Crazed Corona Chatter” series of articles will be my way to just unload about it when I feel I need to. Sadly, I don’t think this depressing chaos will go away anytime soon.

Feel free to vent in the comments section too. I’m listening and here for ya! We got this.

Ugh! What the hell happened to the world?? Why is this little package of evil RNA replicating itself exponentially, spreading like wildfire, and wreaking havoc on human existence as we all knew it? It seems like years ago there was just a bunch of memes and half concern over some “flu virus in China”.

Now almost every country in the world is struggling to contain the little murderous menace with the very real threat of medical systems everywhere being catastrophically overloaded looming on the horizon. Many, many innocent people could seriously die from complications caused by the COVID-19 disease. That thought is so harrowing my brain just can’t process it properly. Seeing the images coming out of Italy, one of the hardest hit areas at this time, is just absolutely horrifying in every sense of the word.

The novel coronavirus is so dangerous the human race in general is essentially on complete lock down right now to stop the spread. It’s absolutely insane. The world turned into a horrible sci-fi movie in the blink of an eye.

Before all the shit hit the fan, I finally had my mental health issues under control. My therapist had sent me on my way with a shiny set of finely crafted coping tools. The depression-anxiety combo monster that had been destroying my friendships and making me feel horrible for years had finally been felled. I was able to let go of the mess I was and forgive myself for all my past mistakes. It’s an amazing feeling! I successfully ditched social media and I was happy to be me for the first time ever.

I had an offline life with friends in the real world for once! I was going to concerts, planning trips, sweating out my frustrations at a gym I felt welcomed at, and all that normal offline social stuff I was never any good at. It was glorious. Then Mr. Coronavirus collapsed society and took all that away. It felt like the rug had been pulled out from underneath me, and all my emotional drama came flooding back. It sucks, but my coping mechanisms are holding up. I’ve allowed myself back on social media because it’s just so damn lonely these days without it.

Gratitude and unconditional love can overcome anything. I’m using them right now to keep my anxiety and depression at bay. I’m grateful my job is an essential service, I can work 90% at home, and the vulnerable people in my family are hunkered down in a rural town. I’m grateful to have friends all around the world to virtually hangout with and talk to. I’ll always support the former friends I love no matter what happened with them in the past. Who I was is gone and I’m proud to have grown from her.

We are all undergoing a grieving process right now. Life as we knew it has been abruptly torn asunder and there’s an ever-present invisible threat of death all around us (news outlets… you’re NOT helping with that, by the way). It’s okay to mourn our old routines and feel our fears. The people stuck in the denial phase of all this are endangering lives, and that’s NOT okay, but that’s another rant for another post.

To close off this article, my heart goes out to anyone who fears for their lives or has lost someone dear to them because of this. Words can’t fix anything, but the hope of living in a brighter future is always worth holding on to.

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