Tranquilizing My Truths With The Test

First off, this is a very short game (like, about 10 minutes) where the less you know the better… so reading the rest of this post might be a bad idea if you wanna play it, just sayin’. It’s also cheap! Very important in this current collapsed-by-corona economy. It’s here on Steam if you want to see (not a sponsored link by the way… just being helpful!)

To sell you on it before I potentially spoil things: it’s basically a glorified personality test with some old school RPG style art and spooky themes. It nailed the root cause of some issues that had been plaguing my poor defeated mind for a while. Seriously, I almost cried and played it several times it comforted me so much. Take that however ya want, and don’t read anymore if you want to play it for yourself. This article can wait.

It sure seemed to do that for me!

No matter how self-aware we are, we are all guilty of enforcing our own truths (or narratives) on the common reality that surrounds us. That’s just how the human brain works. Our sense of vision, for a great example, is mostly our brains making assumptions and drawing conclusions from the data our eyes keep sending it. Neat existential crisis fueling stuff right there.

So while our personal truths seem real to us, they aren’t necessarily what’s going on in reality. That’s the basic premise of the psychology behind the questions in The Test, or at least that’s what I gathered from the experience.

Reveal deep personal truths… and discover if you’ve always wanted to punch a nun, for some seemingly random reason.

The questions asked by the little old school RPG mystic dude are all over the place. Whimsical, weird, wicked, and wild… then at the end you get your results! As long as you answered everything truthfully the game claims you’ll get exactly the answers you’ve been seeking. Did I? Let’s see…

If anyone has been put in a box in this lifetime, it’s you. And that’s just isn’t feasible thing to do with someone such as yourself.

You don’t belong in a box, you belong on a pedestal, because you are magnificent whether you understand it, realize it, or even accept it…

People look at you and their first thought is negative…
You get uncomfortable….
They’re not looking at you for the reasons you think!
They’re admiring you… They’re even somewhat intimidated…

You give off such a powerful aura about you that people straight-up don’t know how to handle your presence.
They can even appear a bit stand-offish at times, but that’s not because they don’t want to know you. They just don’t know how to act around you.

You’re not like other people.
You think that’s a problem with you, but it isn’t.
It’s a power to be admired, though it’s often misunderstood.
Unfortunately, it’s often misunderstood even by you…

That was the first part of my results. I have to say as someone who was the relentlessly bullied as a kid, and feels like a total friendless failure in adulthood thus far, this hit my brain hard and made me feel quite good about myself. Continuing on…

You need to understand that no matter what you do, not everyone is going to comprehend who you are and what you’re capable of, both good and bad. You will however, find someone who you can open up to completely, because they will be the special key to unlock the gate you keep so guarded.

You need to do your best to open up though.
Make yourself a bit more accessible, give people the opportunity to get to know you! They’d absolutely love what they see and hear.
You need to build some confidence, or simply fake it. They won’t know the difference.

Aw, shucks. I feel so inspired and not sad to be me for once! It kept going…

One thing you do need to be careful of however, is trusting what people say and taking it to heart when it’s negative.
People who don’t like you for whatever reason, don’t dislike you because there’s something wrong with YOU.

They dislike you because there’s something wrong with THEM. No one who TRULY got to know you could ever dislike someone so astonishingly in-depth as you….
If you don’t understand yet, one day very soon, you will…

I… really… needed to read that.

My brain twisted the end result of The Test to fit a painful situation I’ve recently mostly recovered from. The TL;DR version is the closest friend I ever had abruptly door slammed me, and I’ve been blaming myself for everything that went wrong with them since then.

These generic paragraphs led my self-destructive thoughts down a new path, and suddenly I was thinking: “Wait…. maybe that whole thing wasn’t entirely my fault at all!” which instantly made me feel better and hopeful for the future of my friendships. Nice!

Everything suddenly made so much freaking sense. I was guilty for inadvertently enforcing my own truths on my ex-BFF, and I fell victim to their truths they were enforcing on me. Thank you, game! You have no idea how much that realization comforted me. I’m so glad I’m not that person anymore, but I’m proud to have evolved from her mistakes.

At the end of The Test you’ll get a code word to include in the Steam community comments for a future project the developers are working on. I didn’t do that because no one is the boss of me, but the word I got was Justice, for the record.

It was a series of questions game unlike any other, and one I highly recommend anyone check out. We are complex creatures and you never know what truths you’re hiding from yourself. We are both the cause of and cure to our own selfish misery.

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