Novel Notes: The Tales of Lunis Aquaria

I had a bad day “today” so I’m writing this from the future! Spooky. Nah. Seriously, I had a really crappy Friday April 3rd 2020 and missed my Blapril post for this day. I’m therefore attempting to cheat by backdating this post and writing another one for actual today, too. Ha! Take that, system…. (please don’t disqualify me).

Moving on with the actual article content and not talking about my personal drama, here are my thoughts on The Tales of Lunis Aquaria by Tessa Hastjarjanto!

The coming of beasts, The sacred maiden, Moonflower, Thomas and the wolf, The witch from Monterra Mountain, Shepherd’s stick, Archipelago of wonder, Decapod’s ire, and Lovers across time. These are the book’s nine short stories that individually stand on their own, yet come together wonderfully to create the intriguing fantasy world of Lunis Aquaria. It’s no easy task to draw a reader into a massively magical world in a mere 119 pages, but the author certainly nailed it!

Each story is told from the perspective of a unique character and set across the different lands of Lunis Aquaria. From what I’ve read, this world was once an entirely peaceful place. Under the protection of a behind-the-scenes divine entity known as The Lady and her five spirit-beastly companions, the world flourished. But things are getting dark. Magic is growing unstable and monsters are stirring.

I could pick up on the world’s approaching shift as I read through each story. While each story is self-contained, it’s clear that all the negative forces faced by each character are symptoms of a greater problem affecting Lunis Aquaria as a whole. What is this big potential cataclysm and will these characters be the heroes who rise? That question isn’t answered in this collection, unfortunately, but the stage has been set perfectly.

Overall, if you’re up for a quick reading trip to a new mystical land, you won’t regret checking out this short story collection. My only major complaint is I was left wanting A LOT more. Some short story arcs ended way too soon for me (moar of Decapod’s ire and Lovers across time, please). This is certainly not a bad thing if the author is planning to write more books, no? I know I’m hooked!

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