Real Neat Blogger Award Thingy

Happy 6th day of Blapril posting! Today, the great Gaming Omnivore has bailed me out of the daunting task of having to think up content ideas for today by providing me with Ace Asunder’s very first blogger award! Thank you very muchly.

There are official rules and stuff with this but the gist of it is answer 7 questions and tag others. Let’s jump right into that process then!

Do you ever listen to video game soundtracks outside of gaming sessions? If so, which ones?

Yes, absolutely! I LOVE listening to video game soundtracks outside of games. Some of my favourites are:

  • Donkey Kong Country 2 – This entire soundtrack is so freaking good, man!! Lots of badass pirate beats if I need something upbeat to cheer me up. And of course, Stickerbrush Symphony is always there for me whenever I need to trigger a good cry… sniffs. DISCO TRAIN to the rescue!! Sorry, the pandemic is making me a lil crazy, yo.
  • Anything else with David Wise music.
I can’t stop crying like a baby whenever I play this level… damn music feelz! Tears don’t help AT ALL with the challenging platforming elements, either.

What’s a game that you loved growing up, but find it harder to enjoy now whether due to a change in tastes or now outdated mechanics and graphics?

Honestly, I loved all the Nintendo 64 games I played growing up (my favourite console), but now whenever I play a game on it, it seems so… blurry? It kinda ruins those old games I once loved. Damn modern HD graphics setting the bar too high.

Which game console do you feel has the greatest library of titles to choose from?

I have almost all the consoles and my PlayStation 3 has the biggest most diverse backlog of games I’ve shamelessly purchased and need to play on it. I’ll got with that!

Name a video game character that has made a positive impact in your life?

Oooo! This is a good question. Let me think VERY CAREFULLY on it before answering, for… um, reasons. Ahem. Many video game characters have had a positive impact on my life over the years and have inspired me to be a stronger person. To pick one randomly for this question, Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn!

I fell in love with Aloy within mere moments of meeting her in game. Sadly, I related a lot to Aloy’s chronic outcast condition. Let’s just say I was bullied relentlessly as a kid for being different. It was hard not to cry while watching poor Aloy endure the same crap from garbage humans. I admire how Aloy pushes aside all her anger and is still willing to do anything to help the very people who hurt her. She’s simply a good person with badass combat skillz, and the queen of sarcasm!

“Good thing I’m shunned or I’d have to talk to these idiots.”


Nothing hurts more than when the people you care about deny your existence. That’s their problem, not yours, though. Strength in sarcasm, girl!

If you could sit down to a conversation with any fictional character(book, movie, or game) who would it be and where would this conversation occur?

I’m terrible at small talk so I’m going to say silent Link from the good Legend of Zelda games near a hay field. I could learn to chop grass with a sword and scream “Hiya!!” a lot, instead of forcing awkward chitchat.

If you could travel to any video game location for a hard-earned vacation, where would you go?

Gosh. Anywhere but real life would be a treat to visit these days. Pending any travel bans, I’d love to go to Treasure Trove Cove in Banjo-Kazooie. I think it would be impossible to be depressed on that whimsical island.

I can hear the lovely tropical music just by looking at this screenshot.

Quarantine Question: What’s your go-to movie or tv show?

Don’t really have a go-to, but I’m watching Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix at the moment. Damn! It’s hella darker than the sitcom I loved as a kid, but I grew to really enjoy it after I desensitized to the horror elements. Just finished Season 2 this past weekend. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!


I’m going exercise my creative liberties and tag ALL the Blapril 2020 partakers in case they need some material. The 7 questions will be the same as the ones I answered here since I’m lazy. Thanks!

This post is proudly part of the Blapril 2020 blogging community event created by the badass Belghast!

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9 thoughts on “Real Neat Blogger Award Thingy

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  1. I may not be able to cut grass with a sword (yet!), but I did try to do it with a scythe once. Once!

    On the plus side, matching various limbs to screaming people afterwards was quite fun. I do love a good puzzle every now and then…

    Also, I may or may not have used swords and axes to blindly hack at more bales of hay that I care to admit in my life.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I guess I inadvertently offered some assistance here on WordPress…hooray for me 🙃

    Same here for game soundtracks, I love pretty much anything created by David Wise or Grant Kirkhope.

    It only took me a few moments to love Aloy too, I hated how terrible everyone treated her in the game. I threw the rock right back at that kid as child Aloy and I regret nothing!

    Liked by 2 people

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