The Versatile Blogger Award Thingy

Woot! I’m honored to be raking in the blogger award hardware over here lately. Badly needed content during my impromptu plunge into the Blapril daily posting community event, lemme tell ya. Huge thanks to the terrific Tessa over at Princess In A Castle for this award, helping me get through Day 8 of content creation. Also definitely check out her books! I’ve read one so far, loved it, and can’t wait to read more soon.

Always with the rules with these awards, so let’s get that over with first. It’s the usual thank the awesome person who gave you the award (done!) and then tag others.

This award’s thing to do is: tell 7 things about thyself. Imma do that and then pass out for the day. Is the stress from all the coronavirus concerns ever wearing me out, man. 😦

  1. I live in Canada, eh.
  2. I have two cats. I got them when they were 2 months old and now they’re almost 10 years old. They grow up so fast… sniffs. One is sleeping on my arm as I type this. D’aww.
  3. My favourite adult beverage is spiced rum.
  4. My dream job as a little girl was to be a pirate ship captain. My teachers were unimpressed (to say the least) but my parents fully supported my creative craziness. I also shamelessly kicked them off my crew whenever I had a temper tantrum. Yarr!!
  5. I’m an only child who desperately wishes she had a sibling connection. It’s lonely being alone sometimes, but I had two German Shepherd dogs growing up who were kinda like my brothers. I still miss them.
  6. I have a PlayStation Platinum Trophy collecting passion. I’m quite proud of the 18 I’ve earned so far. But it can be a problem…. I’ll try to play big open world games on other consoles to resist the platinum allure, for example. It’s really bad for my backlog.
  7. I hardcore collect Nintendo’s Amiibo figures (not the cards) and currently have all of them ever released (including Japan only figures).


I am pleased to announce that Ace Asunder’s newly adopted tagging policy has been officially ratified with our board of directors! To prevent the spread of COVID-19, until further notice tags will no longer be directly handed out to badass bloggers. If you wish to complete the award, consider yourself a tagged badass blogger. Let me know and I’ll check it out and give you a shout-out somehow. Also, wash your hands and stay home.

This post is proudly part of the Blapril 2020 blogging community event created by the badass Belghast!

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