Seriously Geeky Sundays: Easter and Spring

Hoppy Easter Sunday, everyone! Despite the depressing coronapocalypse situation, I hope everyone is finding some joy in chocolate and safe socially distanced togetherness today. I’ll be solo walking in the sunshine and playing Elder Scrolls Online for the rest of the day. Best Easter ever!!

In case you were unaware, the awesome Heather over at Just Geeking By started a series of blogging prompts called Seriously Geeky Sundays. This is my response to part 2 of her multi-week event. Definitely check out Heather’s cool prompts and take part in the fun if you want! I’m absolutely loving her questions so far.

Without anymore intro babbling from me, here are my answers to Just Geeking By’s questions for this week. Thank you, Heather!

Who is your favourite bunny?

When I think badass bunny, I think of the king of rascally rabbits himself, Bugs Bunny. I have so many childhood memories watching these old cartoons on VHS with my parents. Wow… I’m old, eh?

Sup, doc?

You just can’t beat his sarcasm and wit. I loved how he took care of that heartless hunter Elmer Fudd in the most creative of vengeful ways. If only all sport hunters in real life could be pwned by smartass animals, eh?

Spring is a time of rebirth so thinking about fictional worlds and characters; what does rebirth mean to you?

When I think of rebirth in fictional settings, my mind starts thinking about resurrection spells in video games. What I wouldn’t give to be able to throw a bunch of Phoneix Downs at all the good people in this world who didn’t deserve to die. Alas.

I’ve always been afraid of and overthink on that death thing, by the way. Ends are the result of every beginning. And beginnings are the rebirth of every ending. The cycle of life! Hakuna matata and all that.

Easter wouldn’t be the same without Easter Eggs; if you could have anything hatch from an egg what would it be?

A dragon! I’d love a pet dragon and would totally take care of it responsibly. Never would I ever raise it to go on a crusade against all those who have tormented me, or anything like that… honest. *cue the Game of Thrones theme song*

Also, as an avid Pokémon GO player these days I’ve been hatching eggs like crazy (socially distanced walking is good for my mental health). I wish it were possible to get a Shadow Mewtwo from one. My friend has one… and I’m kinda really jealous since I don’t have people to raid with.

What fictional location reminds you of spring?

The spectacular Sunleth Waterscape zone of Cocoon in the video game Final Fantasy XIII is the first place that springs to my mind when I think about, um, spring. It’s such a tranquil forest that seems full of new life and untouched nature in all its glory.

Such vibrant beauty! I just wanna keep a save file here and keep revisiting whenever I need to escape.

Bonus points for Sunleth Waterscape’s overall good vibes is the music track that plays there. The airy tune is lovely to listen to and the lyrics just scream inspiring new beginnings.

Step into the rainbow, find another view
Chase the tender light, borders let’s cross over
Ready to define the mists inside your heart?
Take a breath and start your life
Waves of a new day
Clear all the gloom away
Hope is what we simply need to proceed
Waves of a new day
Clear all the gloom away
Hope is what we simply need to proceed

Sunleth Waterscape, Japenese Version

Step into the rainbow, world you never knew
Chase the arcs of light, soar beyond your sorrows
Dance among the colors, let them be your dreams
Close your eyes and see anew
Dawn of the new day
Clears all our gloom away
This is the hope that we need to go on
Dawn of the new day
Clears all the gloom away
This is the hope that we need to go on

Sunleth Waterscape, Overseas Version

Excuse me while I go sob like a baby for a few minutes…. 😭💗

An Easter egg isn’t just a chocolate treat it’s also a hidden item for fans to spot. What’s your favourite easter egg?

Alright, I’m back and wasted a precious roll of toilet paper on my nose! I love it when video game developers slip little nods from their other IPs into a game you’re currently playing by them. BioWare is the best at doing this, and as a huge fan of both the Dragon Age and Mass Effect worlds, I get all excited when I find them referencing each other.

A recent one I remember is in Mass Effect 2 during Kasumi’s loyalty mission. Inside the vault area there was a statue of an Ogre from the Dragon Age games and I grinned like an idiot for several minutes while shooting bad guys.

Grey Warden Shepard? I’d seriously play an official Mass Effect/Dragon Age crossover game. *keeps dreaming*

Plan a themed Easter egg hunt for your favourite characters.

I tried planning an Easter egg hunt party for my favourite fictional video game people, but they just weren’t into the idea. The following happened (bonus points if you can guess who each character is):

  • One outright refused saying it was “ridiculous” and the “worst Easter ever” before stomping off to go destroy the evil god of her universe.
  • One was too busy fighting weird robot dinosaurs that were plaguing her primitive society, for a shocking reason she discovered later. Whoa!
  • One was off alone on some uncharted planet studying the Protheans and she couldn’t be reached through the mass relay comm buoy networks.
  • The last guy I invited was too busy flirting with me by using horrible pickup lines about “licking lampposts in winter” to understand what I was asking him. He’s an adorable idiot, though, I’ll give him that.

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  1. Ohh very interesting with the resurrection spells. I did consider death knights in World of Warcraft for a second and then I couldn’t decide if I considered that rebirth or reanimation as they’re undead. It was a much bigger question for another day for me!

    Sunleth Waterscape looks absolutely stunning, thank you for sharing such a beautiful place!

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