Bounty Bound From Elder Scrolls Online

I won’t lie… there is a slight chance that for the rest of my blogging career my posts will just be screenshots of Elder Scrolls Online. And you know what? I’ve embraced that possibility. I haven’t played an MMO since I quit World of Warcraft in 2015. It’s so good to be back on the wagon when the real world is falling apart!

Today’s screenshot triggered topic: Oh, man… I’m terrible at stealthing in video games. I’ve only done two required stealthing sections thus far in ESO. One resulted in the death of a guard (my sword slipped, I swear), servants screaming, and my Orc paying the authorities 85 gold coins to make her Bounty go away. Oops!

Stealth event two went… better? I didn’t accidentally on purpose kill anyone this time, the servants still screamed, I got killed to be respawned next to the person I was illegally getting the item for (convenient!), and my Orc only had to pay 35 gold to get her innocence back. Yeah. That’s definitely better, I think!

It might be easier on NPCs in the realm if I just offered to buy any future quest items I’m required to steal. It certainly cuts out the bounty collector guards as middlemen and puts the profits solely with the people I’m stealing stuff from.

Dragonknight smash!! Dragonknight no like stealth. Waiting for guards to pass boring. Gr!

This post is proudly part of the Blapril 2020 blogging community event created by the badass Belghast!

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6 thoughts on “Bounty Bound From Elder Scrolls Online

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      1. This is now PERMA MINT! It cost 99p. It made me LAUGH so I thought, “Why snot!?” So, yes, GET USE TO IT, YO!

        Yeah, I just strolled a lot in Red Dead II. Probably the best bit of the game. I need a new lockdown game now, so it’s probs GTA V.

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