Badass Friga Bearfist From Elder Scrolls Online

Have you ever just clicked with an insignificant quest NPC you’ve spent several seconds talking with, and know you will never see them again, ever, after their minor part in the overall quest is over? That would be Friga Bearfist for me!

I finally finished the freaking Sun-in-Shadow quest line tonight (she needs to learn to let go, man) and wandered back down toward Vivec City. One side quest led to another and I stumbled upon The Scarlet Judge’s quest line.

He’s a total vigilante badass, by the way. My natural Chaotic Good character alignment immediately fell in love with him. I so want to hug him really tightly. Ahem. I’m not far into his quest thus far, but one of the first things to do was get some testimony from some unfortunate slave-prisoners nearby (and murder the thugs in the area). That’s where I met Friga Bearfist!

She certainly hasn’t let her current imprisonment dampen her fiery spirit. Based on the few lines of dialog with her, she seems to really love punching idiots and I highly approve of that. Punching a jackass in the face is such a therapeutic release and something I wish was more socially acceptable in our world full of idiots.

Yup. I’d definitely love to grab a drink with you sometime, Friga. There’s no doubt in my mind you and my Orc Dragonknight would be BFFs. I’ll also probably forget you in a few days, but will always be reminded of you thanks to this post. That’s the power of blogging right there!

Yeah. There’s a high probability tomorrow’s post will be a screenshot of The Scarlet Judge. We shall see what happens with him! Carry on, internet.

She’s so my people ❤

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  1. Fun take. I’m always curious on the backstory of Sandal, the enchanter dwarf from the Dragon Age series. Always seems to turn up in a scrape to assist but seems happy just to enchant. Where does he go between games? What’s his purpose? 🤷🏼‍♂️

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