Genni the Trainwreck From Grand Theft Auto V

Ow! Broken hearts suck, but they are a part of life that can’t be avoided. True strength comes from always picking yourself up no matter how many times fate shatters your soul. Weep not for paths that didn’t happen. Just carry on the path you’re given, as much as it seems to suck.

I’ll stop being a drama queen now… my feelz are oversensitive, man. I will just say fate dealt me one of those crushing heartbreak thingys this week and I escaped to the land of Grand Theft Auto V to ease my pain (also ice cream, good friends, and supportive cats are awesome).

Like Elder Scrolls Online, the blame for the impulse-jumping-into GTA Online goes directly to the Later Levels crew. Seeing all the pew pew awesomeness on their streams… how can I not want to get back into stealing cars and blowing up stuff?

My alter ego on Twitch is genni_glen_thill so I named my criminal avatar in her honor. I’ve only scratched the surface of GTA Online and am totally looking forward to being harassed by higher level players who are jerks very soon.

Genni has obviously been through a lot, but no matter what happens, she manages to keep on smiling psychotically! She’ll make a wonderful GTA thug, no doubt.

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