Necessary Necessities From Grand Theft Auto V

Lucky me got to buy the fancy digital Premium Edition of Grand Theft Auto V for only $14.99 CAD the other day! Included in that was a nice $1,000,000 in the bank to get my online character, Genni, off to a great start in Los Santos. Of course, I have to be careful and spend that money wisely!

My very first stop was the local tattoo parlor to get a spartan sleeve on her left arm, and a skull-ace design on her right arm. Next stop was the salon to dye her hair purple, because everything is better with colorful hair, no? And finally, a clothing store to buy a badass biker jacket. Oh and I may have bought a house using my phone… how convenient!

All in all, I spent about $400,000 in 10 minutes. See. I’m totally responsible with money over here and only got the necessary necessities for Genni.

I should probably actually focus on leveling her now… or maybe go car shopping!

Stylin’ 😎

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7 thoughts on “Necessary Necessities From Grand Theft Auto V

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  1. I spent all of 5 minutes in the game’s online part. It just had no draw for me.

    The single player campaign ranks among the best pieces of video game entertainment I’ve ever played though. I highly recommend trying it.

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    1. I did play the single player campaign back in the Xbox 360 days! I think I got every single player achievement except for those damn mission ratings. I loved the story and swapping between the 3 characters was so well done. Might have to give it another go on my Xbox One copy 🙂

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