Novel Notes: A Torch Against the Night

Spoiler Warning: This is the review of the second book in a book series. Therefore, spoilers for the first book will happen. Reader discretion is strongly advised… oh and if you’re at all interested my review of Book 1, here it is!

Picking up exactly where the first book left off, Elias and Laia are fleeing for their lives with the ultimate goal of getting to the infamous Kauf prison to bust out Laia’s bro. One epic fail of a showdown with the Bitch of Blackcliff later, there’s even more of a sense of urgency to their mission. And to my delight, an annoying love triangle is obliterated off the face of this cruel world. There are more where that one came from, unfortunately.

The author still expertly flips back and forth between the first person perspectives of Elias and Laia (like in the first book), but there is another perspective added in this one: Helene, a rare female Mask and former BFF of Elias. After being brutally tortured at the hands of the Martial Empire, the Blood Shrike is forced to follow her rapist Emperor’s direction to murder Elias. Yay for the the freaking empire…. eh, Helene?

But yeah, Helene is definitely my favourite character in this series so I loved reading about what was going on inside her head. She is such a badass! She is torn between her loyalty to her family and her former BFF (and love interest). I really felt that struggle come through in the author’s words.

Thankfully, I found the romance-y parts less of an annoyance in this book. They made more sense in the grand scheme of what was going down. There are also more supernatural things coming into play in this book, which was creepy cool to read about…

Overall, if you liked the first book, you’ll probably love the second book! Great characters, unexpected twists, and a cruel but interesting world to visit.

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