Super Happy Love Blog Award Thingy

True love heals and conquers hate and misery, which the world seems to have a lot of these days sadly. When I’m feeling at my worst, trying to help the people I care about and focusing on the positive things around me helps keep my darkness at bay. Yep. I have a lot of things going on right now that make me really freaking sad, but I have a lot of really good things going on now too.

The glass is not half full nor half empty… I shattered it and focused on living in the now. It’s just a damn glass with liquid in it, and is in no way an accurate representation of my overall optimism levels.

Anywho, the super lovely Later Levels nominated me for this lovely Super Happy Love Blog Award created by the super personable Pinkie’s Paradise. Thank you so much! More of these love and positivity things are definitely needed on the internet and I’m honored for the opportunity to partake.

Lovely Regulations:

  • Thank the lovely person who tagged you (done)
  • Mention the creator (Pinkie’s Paradise)
  • Display the lovely Super Happy Blog logo in your post (see header image)
  • Answer at least 2 out of the 6 lovely prompts (I’ll do all 6)
  • Put on lovely rose tinted glasses and gush all ya want (I’ll try but I’m feeling a bit cranky today, not gonna lie)
  • Tag 6 lovely bloggers to spread the lovely good vibes (will do)


1 – Tell about a person you love

I love my Orc Dragonknight in Elder Scrolls Online. She’s so freaking badass! She roars a lot, likes smashing things, punches bad guys first and asks questions later, and she drinks heavily. She’s like the big sister this only child always wanted. I’m looking forward to spending tons of time with her in this endless MMO land.

RAWR! Who needs family in real life to love, eh?

2 – Write something about a fandom or franchise you love.

I love the entire Final Fantasy video game franchise. Haters gonna hate on most of them (honestly, people can be such jerks online) but the series offers such unique emotional experiences across all the mainline games.

Also, please understand each game is going to click with different people for different reasons. No need to jump on hate bandwagons because it’s “cool” to hate certain entries and proclaim the developer has lost their way since they don’t cater to your personal tastes anymore. Ahem. Be respectful and celebrate the love that the entire series deserves.

There are a lot of Final Fantasy games I’ve yet to play, but some of them have certainly changed my life ❤

3 – Tell us something about a character that you love.

I love Bowser from the Super Mario series. Call him a heartless villain all you want, but deep down I know he’s a good Koopa who cares a lot about his son. I admire his brute force, strong sarcasm, and unrelenting drive to keep trying no matter how badly he fails at life.

Bwa ha ha… d’aww!!

4 – Tell us something about a piece of music that you love.

I shamelessly love all the Resident Evil movies (the movies inspired me to play the games… yes, I’m weird). Milla Jovovich’s Alice character was a huge inspiration to high school era me and motivated me to join the Canadian Forces Army Reserves for a few years, eh. The soundtracks for all of these mindless-violence-fest movies are absolutely awesome.

On particular track, The End of the World by Tomandandy from Resident Evil: Retribution, always sends shivers down my spine and triggers tears in my eyes every time I hear it. It’s depressing, uplifting, and epic all rolled into one badass song. That’s the emotional power of music right there!

5 – Show us why you love a piece of media so much!

Right now I’m loving Untitled Goose Game. I’m trying to get the Platinum trophy for it and that goal is wickedly fun to pursue. Who knew being a jerk goose tormenting townsfolk could be so damn entertaining?

I also enjoy crossovers! When I came across this fanart piece of a goose stealing adorable Link’s hat, my cranky heart melted.

Original image was taken from Reddit. Click it to visit the thread!

6 – Write something about yourself that you love!

Ha! Thanks to having completed a year of therapy with an awesome therapist, my automatic negative thoughts have lost their power over me. I would still find it far easier to list off everything that’s wrong with me rather than say something I love about me, but that’s not the prompt. I’m going to call in some support to find that self-love thing, so I’ll go with something one of my best friends recently wrote to me in a snail mail letter (Awww!).

I quote: “You’re the greatest friend to have and an excellent listener. You are hard-headed and soft-hearted. You are strong.”

If that’s indeed true, then I definitely love that about me!


Here are 6 random lovely friends I’m grateful to know in the blogging community, and who weren’t tagged by the great Later Levels. If anyone else wants to share in the Super Happy Love, I love you too so consider yourself tagged!

  1. The Shameful Narcissist
  2. Professional Moron
  3. Shoot the Rookie
  4. Chris Durston
  5. Timlah’s Texts
  6. Adventure Rules

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16 thoughts on “Super Happy Love Blog Award Thingy

Add yours

  1. I love Bowser too, he’s got a great laugh and he can definitely be a good role model to his son. When I played Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, I really started to like him more seeing his sense of humor and even his ability to do heroic things.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Super Happy Love sounds like something we could all do with more of, and you deserve it! Thanks for the tag 😀
    Due to sucking and not really doing a blog anymore, I’m gonna just respond real quickly here, for fun!
    1. A person I love – YOU
    2. A fandom or franchise I love – Kingdom Hearts seems too obvious, so I’m gonna say that I really like a bunch of comics fans I’m getting to know a bit better. They just really like comics and being positive about them, which is awesome.
    3. A character I love – Toad. Toad is just the best. His relaxing voice, his squishy mushroom head… Toad is life.
    4. A piece of music I love – right now I have a running mashup which pretty much just alternates between Gojira and the DOOM soundtrack. It’s so dirty. I love it.
    5. Why I love a piece of media so much – I dunno whether this counts as media but I just bought a wosh and I think why I love it goes without saying:
    6. Something I love about myself – I think pretty much everyone is cool and that makes me want to interact with and support people, even if I don’t have the time to do it as much as I’d like.

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  3. Thank you so much doing this tag!

    I was really touched by what you said about Final Fantasy.. people really forget that. Sure I did not like XV and I felt a stronger form of aversion for the unlucky number, but that are my personal feelings. What Final Fantasy VI and VII did for me will never be taken away by a game that is not for me…
    Should you marry someone one day you can’t expect that every thing they will do we be amazing and great for you, just because they make a mistake .. or something that is a mistake in your eyes doesn’t invalidate the greatness. Obviously in 20+ games ( I count tactics and Zero and Crystal Chronicals and such as well) one or two will be something we like less. I would love love one with a Lalafell protagonist though! Just saying!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for creating the tag and spreading good vibes on the internet! 🙂

      There are SO MANY Final Fantasy games I haven’t played yet, but the ones I have I loved for different reasons. I will also say 13 is my lucky number and leave it at that… 😛

      In all seriousness, I wish we’d all just respect each other’s gaming choices and celebrate our enjoyment of them. All the flame wars and trolls trying to destroy people because they have different opinions on stuff is such a waste of energy. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That exact sentiment made me do this tag,
        If someone deeply loves a game that I dislike or an anime that I dislike, all the power for them for finding positivity in it.

        In the end we are all geeks who love games and the likes, you dont see people in a restaurant shouting because the table next to them ordered the chicken, so why do that to everything online?

        As long as we cam have fun and share a passion and love for some things , we dont have to destroy stuff, that will not maks your world better, like trashing the new pokemon game, it will just make the world of those who live it less bright, so yes i get you very much!

        Liked by 1 person

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