Seriously Geeky Sundays: Creativity

Be true to the creative you! That’s the best advice I can give to anyone creating content. Don’t try to smash yourself into a mould so you can follow the path to “success” some other content creator took. When all content is essentially a clone of what worked, everything looks the same and you don’t stand out much, eh? Unleashing your true creativity is the key to shining bright against dull trending backdrops.

Speaking of cool creative people, the awesome Heather over at Just Geeking By started a series of blogging prompts called Seriously Geeky Sundays. This is my response to part 4 of her multi-week event. Definitely check out Heather’s creative prompts and take part in the fun if you want! I’m absolutely loving her questions so far.

So… without anymore intro babbling from me, here are my answers to Just Geeking By’s creatively awesome questions for this week. Thank you, Heather!

What does creativity in fandoms/geeky interests mean to you?

Blogging is the first creative fandom related interest thing that pops into my mind. There are a ton of passionate fans out on the internet writing so much neat stuff about the fandoms they love. If a blogger really cares about something it really shines through in their posts. Keep being awesome, everyone! ❤

What is the most creative storyline you’ve come across?

Creativity is in the eye of the beholder. On that note, I’ll go with the most out there story I’ve ever seen in a video game. That would be the plot to my favourite Nintendo 64 era kart racing game, Diddy Kong Racing!

A giant evil space pig named Wizpig crashes Timber the Tiger’s island sitting job while his parents are away somewhere. Wizpig corrupts the four island guardians and seals himself away in a Mount-Rushmore-esque mountain carving thingy (in his ugly image).

To save the day, Timber and his friends (aided by a mystical blue elephant genie and a talking-walking clock) have to race each other, collect balloons, annoying as hell silver coins, and earn the right to race the guardians. Once the guardians are defeated they can race Wizpig to kick him off the island…. at least, for now.

Losing a race is apparently this guy’s one weakness? I dunno.

The story is so weird, wacky, and wild… but man, little me really loved this game more than I can describe.

Who is your favourite arty/creative character?

Carlov the Sculptor in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. He operates the Nintendo Gallery side content area of the massively oceanic Wind Waker world. I absolutely love this guy’s artistic prowess. If Link brings him a picture of almost anything living in the game, Carlov will make a breathtaking sculpture of it for ze gallery.

I remember spending so many hours playing paparazzi with the NPC residents of various islands. Oh and almost dying to a few bosses and baddies while trying to snap their photos too.

I love collecting figures of fandom things in my adult life and this side quest was a wonderful digital way to pursue that obsession as a broke kid, I guess.

Who is your favourite quirky character?

Digging deep into my brain’s vast character memory storage area, I’m going to say Oerba Dia Vanille from the video game Final Fantasy XIII. No matter how freaking awful things get for Vanille and her fellow l’Cie friends, the stubborn whimsically positive vibes she relentlessly puts out always make tense situations slightly less tense.

She’s just seems so happy and blissfully unaware all the time! I’m…. legitimately shocked Lightning didn’t punch her too. 😆

Which fictional innovative invention do you wish existed in real life?

Replicators from the Star Trek series. I love eating, but I hate cooking/baking and especially cleaning up the mess afterwards. The whole process is just… a huge chore to me. But with replicators, I just have to say what I want and it suddenly exists for me to consume hassle free.

Just like my shero Captain Janeway, lots of “Coffee. Black.” would be coming out of my replicator.

Bonus points during this coronapocalypse era for completely cutting out all forms of human contact in relation to food-getting.

What upcoming fandom are you most looking forward to?

Ah, man… I’m so far behind on all the fantastic fandoms that are out right now. Thinking about the future fandoms is even scarier.

But I used the Google thing to find a cool new show called Crossing Swords. It’s an American adult animated comedy set to premiere June 12th 2020 (assuming our world hasn’t completely ended by then). The official premise of the show makes it sound pretty freaking entertaining.

Patrick, a goodhearted peasant who lands a coveted squire position at the royal castle. His dream job quickly turns into a nightmare when he learns his beloved kingdom is run by a hornet’s nest of horny monarchs, crooks and charlatans. Even worse, Patrick’s valor made him the black sheep in his family, and now his criminal siblings have returned to make his life hell. War, murder, full frontal nudity—who knew brightly colored peg people led such exciting lives?

This show has got adorably inappropriate written all over it. Can’t wait to see it! 😆

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8 thoughts on “Seriously Geeky Sundays: Creativity

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  1. YES, another fan of the replicator. I need one, especially in 2020 with all this home cooking! I HATE doing the dishes and cleaning up. It takes so much time, lol. And also, if I want a food I don’t have, all I have to do is tell it to make me one! On a side note, I like Janeway too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel like saying well-done grasshopper or something similar in response to creativity is in the eye of the beholder 😀 Spot on! There are no right or wrong answers with SGS and that’s the best part about it! That’s why I threw in a few random slightly philosophical themes in like this to see what people came up with and it’s great fun to read through everyone’s responses 🙂

    I hate what I call ‘food cooking’ i.e. meals, but love baking. I’m fine when there’s a recipe to follow and an expected outcome but when it comes to meat and vegetables where you need to know how to cook things, season them and check if they’re cooked properly…bleurgh. I’ve gradually learned how to do stuff but a replicator sounds awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Geek Culture Creative Master 🙂

      Baking is the lesser of things I hate doing in relation to food prep, for sure. The mountains of dirty dishes to clean after are the bane of my existence, haha. Replicators need to be a thing soon…


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