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I normally game with my heart and not so much my head. That’s pretty much how IRL Solarayo operates in general too. I’ve always been ruled by my oversensitive emotions, and to my despair, my logic often gets lost in all the internal chaos and whatnot. I’ve proudly grown A LOT in the past year, though. My new motto is: “Always follow my heart… under constant supervision of my brain.”

Back to the logic, and dialing back the feelz, the magnificent MagiWasTaken over at Indiecator kindly nominated me for this Quantic Foundry Gamer Motivation Profile tag thingy. Thank you very much, dude!

Basically, you take a survey about your gaming habits via Quantic Foundry and analyze the results with the questions in the tag. Logic isn’t something I usually apply to my beloved video gaming hobby, but hey, I’ll give it a go. For gamer science!

What are the results? Share the link, headline and the two motivation model graphs you received.

My Headline and primary stats.
Graph 2 with my secondary stats.

Solarayo’s Profile Link

How do you feel about your survey results?

Bullseye, pretty much. I like getting lost in video game stories and don’t care at all for the competitive aspects of gaming. Single player action RPGs are what my gamer heart loves to seek out.

Which category is the most and which one is the least accurate?

Most Accurate: The Immersion Components. I got a whopping 93% in this category meaning I like to escape into my video game worlds and become someone else. Apparently, people who score high here love games such as “Dragon Age” and “Mass Effect”. That’s a huge YESSS over here.

Least Accurate: The Creativity Components. I got an overall 73% here but my Discovery score of 39% seems too low. I do somewhat more than 39% of the time enjoy aimlessly wandering maps and trying to do random things that the game’s code doesn’t encourage you to do.

For example, I spent a half hour in Dragon Age: Inquisition trying to see if I could get my Inquisitor to jump on a roof in the starter town. In my defense, jumping was new to the Dragon Age series at the time, and so freaking fun to do…

See! Proof Inquisitor Solarayo deserves way more than a 39% in Discovery.

Are there any major exceptions to your typical gaming motivations?

Nope. Don’t see any huge exceptions to the gamer motivations this survey assigned me. I’m impressed.

Do any of these motivations carry over to your non-gaming life? If so, how?

Definitely the Social Components carry over into my non-gaming life. I got a 22% meaning I’m not all that fond of playing with other humans. In real life, I’m probably one of the biggest reclusive introverts on the planet with few friends and even less family. I can safely say I was practicing intense social isolation and distancing long before the coronavirus made it cool to do so.

Which games in your experience best satisfy your gaming motivations and how do they compare to the “suggested games” list from the questionnaire’s follow up page?

Well, I got recommended all the Dragon Age and Mass Effect games. I’ve already played them all and absolutely loved them all so… bingo! I’ve had Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on my To Play list forever and that game was highly recommended to me as well.

Tales of the Borderlands was not a game I had ever considered playing, but it got the highest QF score on my recommendations list. Maybe I should check it out?

Okay… it does look cool. I’ll make an effort to try to play it someday. That’s all my backlog monster can allow me to promise, unfortunately.


This is very cool gamer science so if you want to do it, consider yourself tagged! Survey science stuff tends to get more accurate the more people do it, no?

This post is proudly part of the Blapril 2020 blogging community event created by the badass Belghast!

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15 thoughts on “Quantic Foundry Gamer Motivation Profile

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  1. Very nice post 🙂 I personally loved Tales of the Borderlands, but at the same time I love the universe and humour of the Borderlands franchise and I love the Telltale Games (rip). so liking the TellTale-Borderlands-game was a given for me 😀 If you’ve played the Borderlands game up until 2, you may enjoy it, I guess 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, since you said so, I might consider myself tagged and a do a post about it. I just need to check my archives to see if I didn’t do something similar in the past… Hm.

    As for Tales of the Borderlands, I also recommend it, if you like the Telltale types of games.It is probably one of their best too, extremely hilarious. You don’t even need to know anything about the Borderlands series either, although it does help a bit when you get some cameos from the series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!! I can’t wait to check out your post about it (if you haven’t done it already, haha).

      I’ve never played a Borderlands or Telltale game before. Perhaps this game could be a good intro to both for me? 🤔

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t written it yet. I will try to post it the day after tomorrow.

        I think it could be a good introduction to a Telltale-style game for sure. For Borderlands… Probably not as much. Borderlands is a lot thinner in terms of story and lore, or at least that is what felt for me for Borderlands 1 and 2 and I never finished either so take that with a big grain of salt.

        But that is also what made the Telltale’s Borderlands game more impressive, they took something that was very bare and made it feel like it had a very rich world full of stories waiting to be told. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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