April 2020 – Asundered!

Yes, I am aware asundered isn’t a word, but I don’t care! My website, my word rules. Ha! Anyway, welcome to my monthly wrap-up article! Let’s see what went down in my online life during these past 28-31 days…

What did I get myself into?? I mean…. er, my Blapril posting spree is officially over! My self-goal was to post every day in April. I missed yesterday since I just couldn’t write (brain… foggy), and back-date-publish cheated 4 times over the course of the month, but I sorta accomplished my goal.

29 total posts in April (including this one) is not too shabby, especially considering I didn’t plan for this AT ALL. This is also my second month in blogging existence so that’s something cool too.

The biggest most awesome achievement from Blapril, however, was the opportunity to connect with a new blogging community. Thank you so much to everyone who read my articles and for writing the awesome articles I got to read. I am very grateful to Belghast for making this whole thing happen!

Slight Site Stats

WordPress Followers: 74 (+61)
WordPress Likes: 429 (+408)
Twitter Followers: 81 (+58)
Instagram (NEW!) Followers: 23
Site Visitors: 585 (+476)
Views: 1,489 (+1,092)

Published Pieces

  1. Flamingo Fountain From Fallout 4 – How a flamingo drinking out of a urinal in a post-apocalyptic wasteland reminds me there’s strength in sarcasm.
  2. Late to the Poképarty – As a new-ish Pokemon GO trainer I know I’m late to the Poképarty, but enjoying the cute COVID-19 distraction.
  3. Novel Notes: The Tales of Lunis Aquaria – My thoughts on the epic story collection by Tessa Hastjarjanto.
  4. Blood is Still Needed in the Coronapocalypse Era – A pandemic may be upon us but healthcare systems still badly need blood. If you can donate, do it!! I did this month.
  5. Seriously Geeky Sundays: Beginnings – Every new beginning comes from the painful ending of something else.
  6. Real Neat Blogger Award Thingy – Ace Asunder’s first blog award thanks to the great Gaming Omnivore!
  7. Blogger Recognition Award Thingy – Thanks to the fantastic Frostilyte, for this award thingy! Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you follow my horrible blogging advice.
  8. The Versatile Blogger Award Thingy – Blogger award #3 courtesy of the the excellent Tessa Hastjarjanto! This one’s golden rule: Thou shalt tell 7 things about thyself.
  9. The History of Video Games in 64 Objects – My thoughts on a cool piece of historical video game literature.
  10. #AlwaysApril: ABZÛ Achieved – Here’s my spoof of the #MaybeInMarch gaming backlog event by Later Levels. There’s nothing like escaping into the depths of a beautiful ocean.
  11. Crazed Corona Chatter 2: Surivival Mode, Disengage! – Part 2 of my Crazed Corona Chatter series of posts venting my painful feelz. This topic: trash humanity triggers me greatly. Reader discretion is strongly advised.
  12. Seriously Geeky Sundays: Easter and Spring – Hoppy belated Easter, all! “Dawn of the new day, clears all our gloom away!!”
  13. Disgruntled Dragonknight from Elder Scrolls Online – A quick post for Blapril so I could continue playing newly started ESO until I passed out!
  14. Bounty Bound from Elder Scrolls Online – My poor Dragonknight is going to be paying A LOT of “I can’t stealth to save my life” fees in ESO, lemme tells ya.
  15. Novel Notes: Incognito the Secret Lives of the Brain – This psychology novel by David Eagleman sent me on a lovely existential crisis trip or two… maybe 3?
  16. Badass Friga Bearfist from Elder Scrolls Online – My shout-out to a cool minor quest NPC I’ll probably forget shortly!
  17. Genni the Trainwreck from Grand Theft Auto V – My character in GTA Online is born! She always manages to keep on smiling psychotically, no matter what happens.
  18. Necessary Necessities from Grand Theft Auto V – I obviously invested the $1,000,000 starter bonus wisely.
  19. Seriously Geeky Sundays: Kings and Queens – My response to week 3 of the amazing Just Geeking By’s blogging community event. The questions are royally awesome this time around, eh.
  20. Novel Notes: Icefall – Walt and Mica Stone’s intriguing YA tale where sex drive suppression is forced on people as a means of evil gov’t control.
  21. Novel Notes: An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir – Meh romance-y parts, but overall a brutally epic YA tale.
  22. Novel Notes: A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir – Less annoying romance-y stuff more supernatural action than the first book. Yay!
  23. Super Happy Love Blog Award Thingy – Much love to lovely Later Levels for the loving blog!
  24. Real Neat Blogger Award Thingy 2 – Thanks to Uncapt Reviews for my 2nd Real Neat Blogger Award! Topics include: Platinum pride, snacks, Bowser again, defining life itself, social media, and the power of music.
  25. Operation! NES Edition – The official recount of a somewhat successful 72-pin replacement procedure I preformed on my aging NES console.
  26. Seriously Geeky Sundays: Creativity – Creativity is key! Includes babblings on: Blogging, Wizpig, Carlov the Sculptor, Oerba Dia Vanille, replicators, and Crossing Swords.
  27. Novel Notes: Each Little Unvierse – My advance copy review of Chris Durston’s debut novel. It’s totally out there in a good way, man.
  28. Quantic Foundry Gamer Motivation Profile – Thanks to the magnificent MagiWasTaken for this tag about gamer science.

Awesome Articles About

Blogging is all about the community aspect to me! Here’s some samples of cool content created by talented blogger folks on the interwebz. Stay awesome, everyone!

  • Life is Strange: a hella annoying game by Later Levels – I can easily forgive Kim for thoughtfully not liking a game I love simply because she mentioned the giant squirrels. 😁
  • The State of the Gamer: 4/23/20 by The Shameful Narcissist – A great preview of what will no doubt be an epic article about the Final Fantasy VIII Remake.
  • Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch: The Welsh Village by Professional Moron – Nope! I was shocked considering the source, will not lie, but that is not random gibberish. It’s actually the name of a place. Huh.
  • Speak with your inside… clothes? by Recollections of Play – I’m kinda devolving into a lazy slob who rolls out of bed 5 minutes before her work from home shift starts, and then completes the at home work day in her PJs… Cary highlights the importance of proper at home attire in this great article.
  • Dealing with Depression, Part 1 by Gamer Girl Confessions – The depression struggle is real for many people, sadly. This is a great post that is very open and honest about the battle.
  • Assassins vs Templars – Good vs Bad? by RNG – With all the new Assassin’s Creed hype going on, now’s a great time to check out Quietschisto’s great thoughts on the conflict at the center of the series.
  • What is a “Metroidvania”? by Games (and Other Bits) // Musings and Thoughts – I mean, I hear that word thrown around a lot to describe various games, but what does it actually mean?
  • The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition – Book Review by Comfortably Adventurous – Art books for my favourite games are so pretty to look at, yet so bad for my bank account…. That’s why I love review articles like this one!
  • Eliza… by Nerdy Bookahs – A psychologist’s view on AI psychology. Check it out now!!
  • Speedrunning Life: Reflecting on My Desire to Optimize Quarantine by Adventure Rules – There’s a hidden dark side to the seemingly peaceful paradise known as Animal Crossing New Horizons… Props to Ian for writing an amazing article uncovering the disturbing truth.
  • Flashback Friday: Fire Emblem by Double Jump – Nostalgia is so comforting in today’s depressing world! Loved this flashback to my first ever played Fire Emblem game.
  • Games of the Decade #3 -Mass Effect 2 by Honest Gamer – The entire Mass Effect series is right up there on my list of all time favourite games. I always enjoy reading cool articles like this about praising the greatness of the games.
  • The Lion’s Song and Symbolism: In Search of Inspiration by Virtual Visions – This well written article definitely sold me on The Lion’s Song. Any games that make fundamental shifts in story telling mechanics sound awesome to me.

Future Fun

Blogging – After my insane posting spree this month I have no plans for anything special in May related to blogging. Whatever my brain wants to write will happen whenever. Yes. That is the complete opposite of what most of the professional advice is on how to run a successful blog. I’m not going for success here, people. This is all just for my enjoyment and entertainment.

Creative Writing – I am feeling the urge to resurrect the novel I was working on, but decided to ignore its existence entirely since it sucks. That might happen in May. Who knows?

Gaming – I have plans to pursue a Platinum Trophy in Spider-man, play more GTA V Online, and then infinitely more Elder Scrolls Online since I’m not in the middle of an intense blogging event anymore.

Life – And of course continue to try not to contract the coronavirus. Maybe in May things will start heading back towards ye olde normality? I miss drinking in bars with one of my best friends. Oh, and the gym… I definitely need to go back to the gym when it’s safe. I also miss chocolate mini eggs a lot. Those should be available all year round.

That about covers what went down this past month! If you got anything you’d like to share, feel free to make use of the comment section thingy below.

This post is proudly part of the Blapril 2020 blogging community event created by the badass Belghast!

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17 thoughts on “April 2020 – Asundered!

Add yours

  1. Can’t you just bake your own chocolate mini eggs? Melt some chocolate, let cool in a cup, use whisk to remove bits of chocolate. Sorted.

    I forgot it was Easter. That one went under the radar this year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m pretty certain chocolate mini-eggs are available all year round. Hang on, can’t run round to the shop to check, obviously.. yep, loads on Amazon. In the UK, that is. Dunno about the rest of the world.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on the Blapriling I’m sure that’s a word haha, as for the mini eggs you should come to the UK when this whole virus thing is over we have them all year round

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well done on the daily posts, last time I ran that almost destroyed my motivation to write! Some great links there to check out and as noted by others, mini eggs are a staple snack to pick up in the UK when you’re peckish.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I could never keep up a daily posting spree long term, that’s for sure, haha. Thank you! I’ll have to buy mini eggs online and I can’t believe I never thought to do that 🙂


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