Seriously Geeky Sundays: Food

Oh, man… am I ever in a MOOD today. I’ve sobbed and raged, but I haven’t let those painful feelz control me. I can’t fight how I’m feeling in these crappy moments, I can only control my actions and not act like self-destructive trainwreck. Being aware that the only thing in this crazy world I can control is me is a great coping mechanism I’ve learned to utilize with professional help, some trial, and a ton of catastrophic errors. Go me! Enough about my moods… let’s talk about da foods!

Speaking of food, quick shout-out to the awesome Later Levels for holding an epic dinner photo not-really-but-was-contest during their Twitch stream earlier today! Plus their Eurovision Division stream last night was a freaking blast. All that really brightened my weekend! Thank you for that.

Anyway, the awesome Heather over at Just Geeking By started a series of blogging prompts called Seriously Geeky Sundays. This week is all about the fantastic fictional food. Definitely check out Heather’s creative prompts and take part in the fun if you want! I’m absolutely loving her questions so far.

So… without anymore intro babbling from me, here are my answers to Just Geeking By’s sating questions for this week. Thank you, Heather!

If you could have any fictional food item become reality, what would it be?

Crown Fortifying Meal from Elder Scrolls Online. I’ll admit I mostly picked this as an excuse to log into ESO to grab a screenshot, maybe I did a quest or two, and then gently forced myself to come back and continue writing this article. I could definitely use the stat boosts in reality and its inventory icon thingy looks tasty.

Dragonnknight nom nom!

What is your favourite food moment/scene?

Elaine Benes and the ancient forbidden cake in an episode of the TV show Seinfeld. Wow… It’s just so ridiculous. Her boss acquired a piece of collectible cake from some monarch’s fancy wedding that occurred decades ago. Knowing it’s worth a ton of cash and likely not a good idea to eat, Elaine just goes ahead and polishes it off anyway while daydreaming about being at said wedding.

I’ll never forget the look on her face when her boss catches her and says…

“Do you know what happens to a butter-based frosting after six decades in a poorly ventilated English basement? What you’re about to go through is punishment enough.”

J. Peterman, Seinfeld
Who can resist the allure of stale forbidden cake?

What fictional restaurant would you like to visit?

I’m going to go with a bar called Eternity on a planet called Illium in a game called Mass Effect 2 (restaurant… bar… same thing in my mind). Bars are always awesome, but the bartender of this fine fictional establishment is easily one of my most favourite minor role NPCs in a video game, Matriarch Aethyta. Her brutal honesty, violent nature, and strong sarcasm make her an absolute treasure. I could sit there drinking my sorrows away and listening to her threaten annoying customers for… well, eternity.

Strength in sarcasm!

What is the most decadent dessert you’ve seen in a fandom?

That would be the Mount Bellyache in and episode of The Simpsons. Poor Homer isn’t the best dad, but he gets serious points for at least trying. I would love to have that giant sundae he bought Lisa in a horrible attempt to win back her respect.

Lisa is unimpressed, to say the least, but I’d happily dive into that!

What is the most disgusting food item you’ve seen?

Dubious Food from the dubious-to-me Zelda game Breath of the Wild. This Zelda iteration left a bad taste in my mouth, just like Link’s horrible cooking combos no doubt would. I kid, I kid… I don’t hate Breath of the Wild THAT much, and I will get around to finishing it someday, I just hate being disappointed by a game I thought I’d love. This is NOT the Zelda direction I wanted.

Yuck! Also points for sarcasm in description.

What is your favourite fandom inspired recipe/food item?

Okay… I swear I’m not an alcoholic (probably) but the first thing that popped into my head was an adult beverage and not something to eat. Judge me all you want! …hic.

Way back in the blogging day, I remember a great BioWare fansite crafted a drink based on everyone’s favourite Mass Effect medic, Dr. Chakwas. The drink, aptly named The Good Doctor, was the first iteration of AmbiGaming Corner’s Spirits ‘n’ Sprites series of articles. It was the first ever time I tried mixing my own drink, and damn, I loved what I can remember of the process and results. Woo!! Good times.

Cheers to the long lost friends that we will never stop caring about or wishing well!

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11 thoughts on “Seriously Geeky Sundays: Food

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  1. This is a great post! I think the grossest game food that was actually described to me rather than seen, was Van Helsing’s Scotch Egg creation in Code: Realize ~Wintertide Blessings~ LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! 🙂 Nothing wrong with just knowing about the Simpsons! There are SO MANY games and media items out there… it’s nearly impossible to view it all, haha.


  2. I giggled when I read your comment about popping into Skyrim to grab a quick screenshot. You may have noticed the distinct lack of one for my World of Warcraft question. Nope, no temptation there at alll…… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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