Have You Ever…

… run out of blogging ideas? I clearly have!

Nah. I’m kidding. I’ve seen a gamer version of this post tag question thing floating around the blogging community (that’s also on my To Do list) but thought it’d be fun to steal this regular version from the cool Quietschisto of RNG, who stole it from the cool Chrisse of Vamp It Up Manchester.

So here are my answers to questions about things I’ve done! And my introductions in articles clearly need work… but meh.

Driven or been driven at 160 km/h?

Yep! The speed limit is only 110 km/h on highways here, but when I first got my car in my reckless youth I wanted to see how fast my first car could go. The answer to that is 180 km/h before I chickened out. Really glad there were no cops around… I believe they call that “stunting” nowadays and there’s a huge fine for it. 😅

Oh, and it’s now 10 years later and I still have that car.

Learned a possibly deadly skill?

I’ve taken a year of Combat Hapkido and spent 5 years in the Canadian Forces Army Reserve Infantry so… yes. Several deadly skills I hope I never have to use 😎

Ridden in a helicopter?

Sadly, no. Unless the Grand Theft Auto games count. If so, several thousand times.

Gone zip lining?

Nope! I’m legit terrified of heights so no thank you.

Been to an NFL game or Ice Hockey?

Yep. I saw a local hockey team play once with my boss. I don’t like watching any sports at all, to be honest. I’d rather play video games.

Watched Dr Who?

Sadly, no. It’s one of those fandoms I hear great things about but never got around to watching yet.

Been to Canada?

All the time! I live in Canada, actually, and only left my country once to visit ‘murica last year. Good times.

Visited Disney?

No, but I really wanted to as a kid. As an adult, I don’t really care if I ever see it or not.

Visited an actual castle?

No…. what am I doing with my life? I’m planning to visit the UK next year so hopefully I’ll find a castle to visit there.

Visited Vegas?

No. I didn’t go to that part of ‘murica on my one trip outside of Canada thus far.

Eaten alone at a restaurant?

Yep! I’ve been single my whole life and don’t have a ton of friends to go out with. Occasionally I will solo eat at places (and never again until the coronapocalypse is over). My preference is takeout, though. I like stuffing my face in the comfort of my own home.

Played an instrument?

I played some piano in middle school music class but that skill has long since been erased from my memory.

Ridden a motorcycle?

Not in real life, but if the Grand Theft Auto games do count for this, I’ve stolen and ridden several thousand.

Ridden a horse?

Yep. Once. Didn’t really care for it.

Donated blood?

Hell yes!! My 4th donation will be in June of this year. I did get turned away two times due to low iron levels in the past. I’ve been taking vitamins and upping my diet intake to help prevent that in the future.

I recommend everyone who can definitely should. Blood is still badly needed in the coronapocalypse era.

Been skiing/snowboarding?

Nope! Not brave enough.

Gone camping?

I grew up in the middle of nowhere so camping wasn’t really an activity to seek out. There was 45 acres of forest on the property we lived on so I was technically always camping.

Gone to a festival?

Probably! I’m usually drunk at those so I couldn’t tell you anything more specific.

Driven a stick shift?

Does an old tractor count? As a kid my dad let me drive one of those around our property and it was a stick shift. I’d be lost trying to drive a car with one. Automatic transmission has spoiled me.

Ridden in a police car?

Not that I can remember. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen…

Driven a boat?

Yeah! Sort of. I went sailing with a treasured old friend last year in a sailboat. They taught me how to help do that tack with the sails thing and it was freaking awesome!! Good times. ❤

Eaten Escargot?

No, thank you.

Been on a cruise?

A coronavirus incubator?? Hell no!! At least… not until there’s a vaccine.

Been on TV?

Yep! As a kid I was invited to be on local TV for a children’s hospital telethon. Let’s just say I spent some time in that hospital and I’m grateful they saved young me.

Been in a paper/book/magazine?

Kinda. When I was a kid, my dog saved my kitten from a hawk and that story made it into all the little local papers. It was cute 😁

My childhood bestie sent me this picture of a newspaper clipping from the event recently! I blanked out my real name because no one needs to know my super secret identity.

Eaten Sushi?

Yep. Not something I go out of my way to eat, but one of my best friends and her boyfriend are super fans of sushi. Whenever they’re in town they always invite me to go have some with them at a fancy sushi restaurant.

Seen a UFO?

Pfft. Like any of you would believe me if I told you the truth.

Been Bungie Jumping?

NOOO!! That fear of heights thing, remember.

Rescued an animal?

Several. I go out of my way to not kill spiders in my house and stuff like that. Even if I’m terrified of them, they are living creatures who don’t deserve me panic-squashing them.

As a kid, my indoor/outdoor cats would often catch various live creatures and drag them back home. I always ran out and saved them before kitty tortured the poor things to death. My current cats are indoor only so I don’t have to worry about that (they did leave a dead mouse on my pillow that I woke up to once in my old apartment complex… shudders). Cats are cruel killing machines, but also cute.

One of my killing machines keeping me company while I work from home.
My other killing machine NOT HELPING AT ALL while I work from home.

Met someone rather famous?

I had coffee with the legendary The Shameful Narcissist herself last summer when I visited ‘murica. I should’ve gotten her autograph.

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16 thoughts on “Have You Ever…

Add yours

  1. Combat training ✔
    Known weakness (fear of heights) ✔
    Secret identity ✔
    Knows “something” about UFO’s (probably an alien) ✔

    You’re a superhero aren’t you 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for joining in!
    I’ve not heard of Combat Hapkido but it sounds awesome I’m going to YouTube it. To find some great ruined castles you want to go to Wales and down South. Growing up surrounded by forest sounds amazing. I’ve always lived in the city but gravitated the biggest parks and hills I could find. Your boat holiday sounds really wonderful, I can’t swim but would put on a life jacket and try and do the boom thingy. Your dog was so brave!
    Chrissie 🖤✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Combat Hapkido was pretty fun, haha. I’ve made notes about the castles. Thank you! The boat stuff was really cool. I can’t swim either but my friend gave me the best life jackets and promised to save me if I fell overboard 😆

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This makes me want to go on a lovely boat even more now! If you are thinking of traveling around England and/or The UK for a bit, it’s a good idea to look on The National Trust and The National Heritage websites for where to visit, as they support and look after countryside and architecture, respectively.
        Chrissie 🖤✨

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the post, madam, and, also, if you’d like a fight. Totally available for that. TBH, you’d win. I’m not so strong.

    The cats, so very cute. That’s what bothers me so much about life in England. We’re not allowed pets. It’s just a removal of everything else, alongside austerity, housing crisis (whinge, whinge).

    On the plus side, I indulge in football riots. ZOMG! I might get Animal Crossing to make up for this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, dude, You’re welcome to lose to me in a fight anytime. RAWR!!

      Aw. Kitties are awesome and are really helping me through the coronapocalypse. Pets are da best.

      Have fun rioting!!

      Liked by 1 person

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