Play-Along Late: To the Moon (Act 1)

Better super late than never, amiright? I, um, hope so… I was really excited to join in on Naithan of Time the Loot’s Play-Along collaboration of To the Moon when he announced it a few weeks ago. I had Act 1 of the game all played on time, watched the freaking fantastic Later Levels stream it that Saturday too, and was all set to answer those brilliant questions in post due June 5th.

Alas, that never happened. My brain decided to dredge up its’ tired old drama and hit me with a tsunami of feelings just when I was in the happiest place of my life. Go figure.

Anyway, I needed to go offline for a bit to self-reflect and focus on what’s actually important in MY life. As an empath with depression and anxiety who is hardwired to experience feelings more intensely than the average human, I get caught up in the problems of others and the world a lot, making myself quite miserable over things I have absolutely no control over.

It’s a technique my therapist gave me: whenever my feelings are overwhelming me, don’t try to fight them, just identify the sources and find distractions from them until the feelz pass. Thus, I had to disappear from the blog-o-sphere and social media for a bit and missed the deadline for this article.

Sorry! Felt I owed a bit of an explanation and if babbling about my drama makes anyone out there go “Hey! I can relate to that” it was worth the words.

Back on topic! I’ve got some belated questions to answer about Act I of To the Moon. Thank you to the awesome Naithin for putting this event together!


This goes Without SAying, probably, but just in case: I will be answering questions about ACT I of to the MOON and The rest of this article will Totally Ruin the game if you haven’t played it yet!

Let’s start off with the big guns — at the completion of Act 1 — how do you now feel about the very concept of granting someone’s dying wish by overwriting their memories with new ones?

Very existential-crisis-y, to be honest. Any story involving death topics touches my brain in a way that makes me feel overwhelmingly hopeless and powerless to escape an eventual no-matter-what-I-do death. Yes! That part of my brain is also likely responsible for my depression too.

The concept of having our memories overwritten before we kick the bucket is an interesting one, for sure. Aren’t we all just a sum of our memories and experiences bouncing around our heads in the form of a network of biological circuits? By overwriting those memories we would change who we are before we died, if that makes any sense.

My pile of biological circuits is starting to hurt and feel sad so… next question!

Thank the devs, there’s lots sarcastic humour relief in this game too. What a ride….

What did you think of River’s choice to put her treatment behind that of Anya?

Our lives are our own to decide what to do with. People come and go from our lives all the time, but we will always have us. We can’t live forever and River deemed Anya more important than extending her own life. I have nothing but respect for her personal choice.

Spoiler: The lighthouse did it!

In response to Neil commenting that it was like watching a train-wreck unfold, Eva says, “The ending isn’t any more important than the moments leading up to it.” Do you agree?

Very. very strongly agree. This quote stuck with me after Act I and I didn’t even know it was going to be a question for this. That mantra can sooo be applied to life in general, not just the train-wrecks we encounter.

It’s all about the journey of living our lives, not focusing on the final ending. I take that to mean I have to stop worrying about death and enjoy the living part more.

What did you make of Johnny’s decision not to read the book offered by Dr. Lee?

Denial is one hell of a coping tool our brains like to use. I totally get why he just wanted to detach from that whole painful realization. It was just too much for him to accept and he didn’t want to learn anymore about it. Staying in denial can be EXTREMELY unhealthy, however.

Healthcare systems everywhere fail us far too frequently.

How do you feel about Johnny as a person now, particularly after his revelation of why he (at least initially?) was interested in River?

Johnny seems like an okay guy. Later in life, his heart is in the right place, even though his actions are wrong (specifically lying about the money situation to trick River into getting the treatment). His initial reason for reaching out to River is a bit of selfish douche thing to do, but teenagers at that age to FAR worse to each other.

We saw River’s obsession with origami rabbits very early in the piece — and some of the events that tracked back as a possible origin along the way. After Johnny told her about his initial motivations is when it all kicked off. Neil thought it might’ve been River holding onto a grudge. What do you think?

Revenge of the Paper Rabbits would be a cool movie! Neil is the comic relief who tends to dismiss things too quickly… I’d have to say he’s probably wrong. I really didn’t pick up on enough things to take a stab at guessing what’s really going on here. Just when in doubt, Eva is right.

Eva is my shero ❤

That’s a wrap for Act I! Again, my apologies for being so freaking late. I plan to play Act II tomorrow (well, “today” since it’s after midnight here now) and get my article posted. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Play-Along Late: To the Moon (Act 1)

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  1. No worries at all at being a little late, I’m glad you took the time for yourself as needed — and STILL managed to participate! 🙂

    I feel like a whole post dedicated to the line journey vs. destination line that Eva delivers could be in order. I don’t think I did a very good job at all of explaining how I was interpreting it. Hmm. I suppose the summary version is that I was looking at it in the context of life being a series of journeys. And at that more micro scale, I do believe those ‘endings’ have more significance to us than the points along the way to them.

    But then when you expand the view out to a more macro look at an entire life, those mini-endings sort of *become* the moments along the way of significance, and also with the ending now being looked at just a singular and rather final thing… Yeah, the place I shift my perception of importance do very much becomes about the ‘journey’.

    … Still not sure this even remotely makes sense. But aye, I can see why the line would stick with you. It did me too, even though I still can’t quite articulate the thoughts around it very well yet!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the understanding! I’m hoping a similar event happens for the next game in this series.

      Yes!! I could babble on for a bit about that topic. It’s quite fascinating. We all seem so focused on endings that we forget about the joys of the journey and all that,

      Makes sense to me! I find it so hard to convey all these thoughts on the topic into coherent words.

      Liked by 1 person

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