Play-Along: To the Moon (Act 2)

Yes!! I’m actually meeting a deadline for a blogging event this week. For those unaware, the great website Time to Loot is hosting a Play-Along event of the depressingly great game called To the Moon. I literally just finished Act 2 like 5 minutes ago so hopefully I’ll be able to answer the questions easily since it’s fresh in my memory banks.

You can check out my answers to Act 1 here, by the way.

Thank you to the awesome Naithin for putting this event together, and for also being really understanding about me missing the deadline for the first week! ❤


This goes Without SAying, probably, but just in case: I will be answering questions about ACT 2 of to the MOON and The rest of this article will Totally Ruin the game if you haven’t played it yet!

When Eva was sitting, thinking about the reasons nothing at all changed in Johnny’s simulated memories— what conclusions do you think she reached? What conclusion did you reach?

Eva concluded that River is a strong reason why nothing has changed with Johnny after they connected all the desire thingys. She left off wondering what River did, and I have the same questions for sure. I didn’t pick up on enough things to reach more of a conclusion, sadly.

I thoroughly enjoyed the brute force attempts to coax the moon desires out of Johnny 🤣

The block on the youngest memories and the use of beta blockers… What do you think this will be all about?

I’m excited to find out! Beta blockers are used to treat high blood pressure and can be used to ease anxiety symptoms as well. Why did Johnny get an high does of enhanced beta blockers as a child? That is quite the question.

My out-there hypothesis is that aliens from the moon did it, or a secret shady corporation was experimenting on him. Or… he saw something he wasn’t supposed to see and someone wanted to make sure he forgot it. And I totally know I’m going to be wrong. It’s okay!

Yep. Aliens.

What about Neil taking off for a moment while Eva returned with the… ahem… Contained dead squirrel odour? What could have been so important to him?

I think Neil is addicted to those painkillers Eva found, and his story about running into a really strong concrete wall is a lie, albeit an amusing lie. If this were a JRPG, I’d say Neil is secretly an alien from the moon serving a corrupt evil god who will be the game’s final boss. And the boss’ final form will be… wait for it…. a paper rabbit named Anya.

I would’ve made Neil do it.

We still have the third act to come. What do you think it will focus on?

It will focus on revealing something that’s going to make me cry, most likely. All the things I didn’t pick up on will come together beautifully for an epic emotional moment, I’m sure.

Only one way to find out! I’m playing Act 3 right after I hit the publish button on this article. Send hugs in advance…

As long as there’s some comic relief to help soften the sad feelz blow, I’ll be fine.

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