Seriously Geeky Sundays: Father Figures

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s and dad-like figures out there! I appreciated the reminder this post gave me since I totally forgot… oops! I should probably send my dad a meme via email or something to celebrate .

I love my mom too, but my dad and I are so similar it’s scary funny. We have the same sarcastic sense of humor, we had a blast playing pranks on my mom when I was a kid, and we just generally get each other on an unspoken level. He’s honestly more like a big brother than a dad to me. I’m sure he forgot it was Father’s Day too. 😂

Anyway, the awesome Heather over at Just Geeking By started a series of blogging prompts called Seriously Geeky Sundays. This week is all about dads in honor of the day. Definitely check out Heather’s creative prompts and take part in the fun if you want! I’m absolutely loving her questions so far.

So… without anymore intro babbling from me, here are my answers to Just Geeking By’s paternal questions for this week. Thank you, Heather!

Who is your favourite fictional dad?

Homer Jay Simpson from that little TV show known as The Simpsons. I watched the show religiously as a kid alongside my own dad so bonus fictional father points to this crazy yellow guy.

Homer tries really hard to be a decent father, even if he epically fails at that most of the time. There’s no question at all that Homer Simpson loves his kids unconditionally and would do anything for them. Those are the most important qualities a good dad needs to have!

Nothing can tear apart a family bound together by sarcasm.

Who is your favourite evil dad?

Bwahahahaha!! Bowser from the Mario series, of course. And I don’t really consider him purely evil, either. His actions are incredibly wrong (I know, I know… kidnapping is bad) but deep down the big Koopa has a good heart.

Bower’s tenacity, sarcasm, and great father skillz make him one of the best not-really-evil guys ever.

He doesn’t fail at being a caring father, which is infinitely more important than princess-nabbing abilities.

Who is your favourite father figure/mentor?

Geralt from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (since that’s the only experience I’ve had with the Witcher fandom). I love how Geralt would do anything for Ciri even if she isn’t his biological daughter. He is a tad overprotective over her but definitely trains her how to be a total badass.

I’ll get around to finally finishing this game, some year…

Who is your favourite unconventional father/mentor?

Rost from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Few games start off on such a wonderful emotional level, lemme tell ya. Right off the bat, the paternal bond between Aloy and Rost takes center stage in the story, and it’s amazing. He may not be Aloy’s biological father, but that’s just more proof that blood ties are incredibly superficial. Family is who you connect with, not who you are related to.

The award for best father figure goes to…

What is your favourite child/father scene?

I just started playing God of War the past Friday (huge coincidence it happens to be Father’s Day weekend) and I absolutely love all the bonding scenes between Kratos and his son Atreus I’ve witnessed thus far.

Kratos is trying to teach Atreus that the world is a harsh place and he needs to be stronger, but acknowledges that the empathy in our hearts does exist. An open heart can bring us so much pain when it’s open to the wrong things. That message touched my own healing heart quite a bit.

Dad of War is so freaking awesome 😭

What is your favourite quote from a fandom about fathers/by a father?

The key to parenting is don’t overthink it. Because overthinking leads to … what were we talking about?

Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

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