The Great Blog Crawl: Redux and Rescheduled

2020, Year of… just hurry up and be 2021 already. Ahem.

Due to the recent, um, catastrophes and injustices plaguing our world, Later Levels and I decided to move the stream date for The Great Blog Crawl Virtual Pub Event. There were plights needed more attention and it just didn’t feel right to celebrate while the good fight for equality spread across the globe (#BlackLivesMatter!!).

So update your calendars! We’ve moved the stream date to July 18th, 2020. Head on over to the Later Levels Twitch channel then, and we’ll drink, play video games, and divvy out all the shiny quiz awards!

Speaking of the fun quiz, all the questions we asked will be reposted on our social media channels until the new stream date. This will give you another chance to join in on the fun if you missed the first window!

To sum up the fun quiz rules again (feel free to just send us the one you already completed if you want):

  • Download the official Great Blog Crawl 2020 answer sheet here.
  • Follow The Great Blog Crawl’s social media channels (Twitter and/or Facebook)
  • Keep an eye out for blogger related questions that will be periodically posted on the above social media accounts.
  • Send your completed answer sheet to by end of day July 15th 2020.
  • Answer sheets will be marked and prizes will be awarded in the form of cool blog badges. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place blog badges, and even one to everyone just for partaking.
  • NO CHEATING! We’ll somehow know if you do, and we won’t be happy… probably.

Whether or not you partake in the fun quiz, everyone is still invited to the fully unlicensed virtual pub ran via Twitch stream.

Lots of love to the lovely Kim of Later Levels for all the support and the ton of work she put into creating this event. I doubt anyone reading this isn’t already following Later Levels, but if you aren’t, I suggest you fix that.

And finally, a super special thank you to talented artist Heather Agoncillo for creating all ze beautiful graphics for the Great Pub Crawl event. Follow her on Instagram to see more of her awesome work!

Do you like our content and want to support Ace Asunder? Check out how you can do that here! (Shocking Spoiler: It doesn’t involve giving us money for writing this.)

16 thoughts on “The Great Blog Crawl: Redux and Rescheduled

Add yours

  1. Am I invented? I do warn you, I’m an angry drunk and tend to make relentless knock knock jokes. I have two weeks off around then so can be a welcoming and useful member of the blogging community (for once).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Are any of us really invented… or is that what life is all about? Inventing oneself! 🤔

      Woo! You are more than invited, dude. I can be an angry drunk too so you’re in good company 😆

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It’ll be during your weird UK time in the future, actually. Later Levels is doing the stream hosting since I’m not officially on Twitch… yet. My live annoying voice will be on their stream, tho! 😀


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