Play-Along: To the Moon (Minisode 1 and 2)

Time to Loot’s official Play-Along of To the Moon collaboration is now complete! The two Minisode DLC packs are very, very short (putting the “mini” in “minisode” for sure), yet offer so many complex questions about this game’s universe. Hm.

Whoa is right, Neil…

So let’s jump right into this and answer the two final event questions! Many, many thanks to the awesome Naithin for putting this event together. It was a great excuse to finally play this game! You can also check out my answers to Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3 if you’re at all interested in my thoughts on the whole game.


This goes Without SAying, probably, but just in case: The rest of this article will Totally Ruin To The Moon if you haven’t played it yet!

Protesters. Perhaps not too surprising to find they exist in this world. Many of us were not entirely comfortable with the concept of what Sigmund Corp does. What did you think about getting a look behind the curtain as it were, and seeing some of the responses of the employees?

Yeah… Personally, I would never in a million years want to pay some tech company to poke around my brain during my final hours and rewrite my memories to make me “happy” before I die. My memories and experiences are the sum of what makes me who I am. Reprograming all that changes me and creates a different person. Just… no.

However, that is my personal choice. I see no reason why Sigmund Corp should be condemned for offering this service to dying people who DO want this. I’m very distrustful of corporations in general, but if Sigmund is indeed legit wanting to help people (I’m not entirely convinced they are by the way), power to them.

At least Neil is getting lots of ketchup outta the protests!

Getting a glimpse of what the employees goes through made me appreciate what they do more. They seem to put their own lives on hold, always on alert for their next call to help their next client (who can never really thank them or appreciate what happened). This stress certainly seems to take a toll on their personal relationships and mental health. Most of them seem so depressed and isolated, but gain strength from that wonderful sarcasm thing. Aw… people close to my own heart ❤

Eva has become one of my favourite video game characters!

For how short these two (aptly named) Minisodes were — we were given a LOT to wonder about, from Ghost Eva on the road, to Neil’s mum or dad on the phone, to what on earth he was doing with the memory unit in his office to… whatever it was that happened post-credits. So, yeah… My extended version of the ‘WTF?’ question is: What do you think is happening? Speculate wildly!

Oh, man… I have no idea WTF is happening so I’ll offer some thoughts on the big “whoa” moments.

Ghost Eva is way scarier than zombieva.

As Eva goes to drive off to her sister’s place for Christmas dinner, she randomly see the image of herself in front of the car. It all happens so quickly and Eva doesn’t seem too shaken up after the event. This led me to think that maybe Eva is in a memory simulation of some kind, and these Minisodes are happening in her reality, not real reality. But… why?

My exact thoughts, Neil.

Next questionable event, Neil seems to be secretly working on some sort of memory machine project. He has hidden the machine behind his shelf of homemade ketchup (great use of angry protestor mob tomatoes, by the way). Whatever Neil is doing, can’t be legal or else he wouldn’t be hiding it, right? Does it have something to do with his apparent family issues or something? I dunno.

Is that Johnny’s house from the main game?? Can’t be but kinda looks like it.

Finally, once the credits roll at the end of Minisode 2 and everyone is leaving after the happy Christmas feast, the scene cracks and we see a flash of Eva hooked up to a memory machine in another location. Yup! That seems to validate my theory that these Minisodes are a simulation of some kind.

I was initially wondering if Sigmund is a big evil corporation who has kidnapped their employees and harvesting the memories of their clients. Oh! The CEO could be corrupt god and the final boss fight… wait. This isn’t a JRPG so never mind that theory.

But yeah, Eva is clearly willingly in the memory machine at this unknown homey location. Her coat is hung up neatly, she’s in comfy clothes, and she has a bottle of wine cracked open. Is Eva searching herself for… something? I remember Eva was quite invested in getting Johnny’s brother back. Maybe Eva’s sister Traci has had a similar tragic fate and this is her way of bringing her back?

It’s safe to say I have no idea what is actually happening here… Neil’s game was fun!

Don’t ask how many times I got killed by zombievas due to my impatience.

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