Seriously Geeky Sundays: Supporting Roles

Never underestimate the importance of sidekicks and minor characters! Heroes would be nothing without the characters who support them on their adventures, that’s for sure.

Welcome back to another installment of me answering questions for Just Geeking By‘s series of blogging prompts called Seriously Geeky Sundays. This week is all about shining the spotlight on those special supporting characters in fandoms. Definitely check out Heather’s creative prompts and take part in the fun if you want! I’m absolutely loving her questions so far.

So… without anymore intro babbling from me, here are my answers to Just Geeking By’s supportive questions for this week. Thank you, Heather!

Who is your favourite sidekick?

I literally just got the shiny platinum trophy for God of War (2018) yesterday. Woot! And since the game is fresh in my mind, I’m going to go with Atreus (Kratos’ son).

I find it absolutely adorable how Atreus moves along with Kratos throughout the game’s environments. There’s lots of amusing dialogue between the father son duo, and as a bonus, Atreus is far from useless in combat. His bow skillz and summons got me through some pretty challenging trophy requirements.

You’re not weak at all, boy. Kratos would’ve never kicked a certain optional boss bitch’s butt without you!

Who is your favourite minor character or NPC?

My answer to this will always be the lovably violent asari bartender Matriarch Aethyta from the game Mass Effect 2. She’s such a sarcastic treasure!

I bet a lot of people in the service industry would love to tell off their shitty customers.

Which minor character do you wish had more ‘screen’ time?

I’m going to randomly choose a minor character from my memory and go with Cheato the disgruntled magical Spell Book from Banjo-Kazooie. I’m not above using cheats in video games so the more the merrier. Mwahahaha!!

Games these days don’t have a whole lot of cheat codes. I miss those.

What is your favourite scene with a minor character?

Anytime the Mysterious Stranger randomly shows up in a Fallout game and saves me from my horribly botched V.A.T.S. attacks.

Thanks for saving my ass a lot, stranger!

What has been your favourite cameo role?

Johnny Cash as the voice of the Space Coyote in an episode of The Simpsons. After going on one hell of chili pepper trip, a distraught Homer Simpson finds himself lost in the desert where he meets this wise spirit guide.

The space coyote has some seriously sweet words about finding the path to inner peace and all that. Johnny Cash was the perfect voice for this!

Sigh. I’ll never find one of those. Next life quest, please!

If you could have someone play a cameo role in anything what would it be?

The Merchant from Resident Evil 4 would be more than welcome to drop in for a cameo in any game I’m playing. I can never hear his iconic “What’re ya buyin?” line too many times. Also, merchant services on demand would be invaluable in most video games.

Bonus points for the face covering. He knows how to stop the spread of COVID-19. Wear a mask, people!!

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7 thoughts on “Seriously Geeky Sundays: Supporting Roles

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  1. Congrats on the platinum! How did you like that final Valkyrie fight against Sigrun? That one took me quite a few attempts…

    Also, an extra awesome high five(six feet away, of course) for having Banjo-Kazooie, The Simpsons, AND Resident Evil 4 in the same blog post! ✋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Ugh. Sigrun… She kicked my ass SO MANY times and I was playing on easy lol. It was frustrating because she kept killing me when she had less than a bar of health left. I just barely downed her on my successful fight (Kratos was literally just about to get hit and die when that lovely R3 prompt appeared at last).

      Yeah! *social distance high fives back*

      Liked by 1 person

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