Underrated Creations

This article is brought to you by the fourth Blaugust 2020 Promtapalooza topic presented by the awesome blogger Roger Edwards of Contains Moderate Peril: What type of content do you feel is severely underrated?

To be brutally honest, the content that creators actually want to create. Want is the key word there, people… hence the bold font!

I’ve been online for a very long time (much longer than this website has been in existence). I’ve seen the pattern and I’ve fallen into the pattern myself: many creators stop creating the things they actually love creating because the things they love creating aren’t “popular” enough.

Speaking from a blogger perspective, I get it! I really do. Those almighty social media likes and blog stat counters are both blessings and curses.

Yep. A post you loved writing didn’t get enough likes or views so it must be terrible. Now you’re reading one of the millions of online blogging guides (likely written by another blogger who is also seeking more attention) and forcing yourself to do all the proper blogging things you actually don’t want to do. That’s the only way to “make it”, right?

Ugh! Just stop.

If the content you loved creating isn’t getting an audience, it’s likely not your fault AT ALL. The online world is a fast paced platform with millions of creators vying for attention. There’s a high probability many of your posts are going to go relatively unnoticed.

Sorry to burst any bubbles, but you are merely a drop of water in massive content ocean. The people who have “made it” are just both really talented and very lucky. You need both, and the luck stat can’t be acquired artifically.

Bottom line: Be true to you! You can’t follow the same path someone else took to “make it”. That just turns content creation into a chore, makes your content boring, and robs you of the most glorious aspect of this whole thing: having fun!

If you’re very unhappy creating your content and want to give up entirely, I suggest you change your mindset, yo!

  • Did a topic you did a Twitter poll about not get any views? Stop trying to figure out what people “want” to read (just seriously write what you want). Honestly, feel free to stay off social media entirely if it’s not your thing. There’s no law that says a creator needs to be everywhere else online too.
  • Tired of blogging about only video games or your chosen topic? You can actually write about whatever you want to. It’s your website!
  • Feeling burnt out and stressed trying to keep up with a blog post schedule? Well, guess what? YOU made that schedule, you don’t have to stick to it, and you can literally post whenever the hell you want to (there are people in all the time zones, after all). A dedicated audience who truly enjoys your content won’t care when you post.
  • Love blogging but are feeling pressured to jump onto the “more popular” platforms (Twitch, Podcasts, YouTube, etc.)? Meh! Those other platforms have the same sea of content problem. You’ll only make yourself miserable in the long run if you truly don’t want to be there.

Yep! All of this is coming from a nobody content creator. But I’m a very happy nobody content creator who enjoys creating whatever I want to. I’m honored to be here and grateful to have met many cool friends by doing this. That’s honestly all I care about!

Alas! Content creation is too focused on social media popularity contests and the best ways to monetize everything. The peace, joy, and community that comes from creating the content you love is so severely underrated these days.

This post is proudly part of the Blaugust Promptapalooza 2020 blogging community event created by the badass Belghast!

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2 thoughts on “Underrated Creations

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  1. Amen!

    I also dislike the idea in current content creation is the idea that everything you create needs to be monetized or be super popular. I’d rather read a “nobody” like you that writes from the heart, about the topics that you care about, than someone that is chasing the latest trend in order to make it “big”.

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