Quintuple of Quotes

This article is brought to you by the sixth Blaugust 2020 Promtapalooza topic presented by the awesome blogger Wilhelm Arcturus of The Ancient Gaming Noob: What is a favorite Quote/s, and tell us why.

Oh, man… I freaking love quotes! I find many of them so inspiring, amusing and comforting. Here are 5 of my favourite quotes incoming!

“Thought unseen, that gift – it lies within us all. It is a constant turmoil of light and darkness, strength and frailty, beauty and unsightliness.

That gift is our spirit. It gives us the strength we need to persevere in hardships. But at times, it is nothing but a curse, straying beyond our control… causing us pain and sorrow.

Even so, it is something far too precious to lose. It is what allows me to hold hope for the future. In a world consumed by chaos, in a world where spirits are fading. I ask myself: have I the strength to embrace my gift?”

Lightning Farron from the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy

This perfectly sums up why Lightning Farron is my all-time favourite video game character. There’s a huge tattoo of her on my arm for a reason!

Sometimes you can only see what’s wrong with you by seeing it in someone else.

Lightning was at the mercy of her own emotions for most of her story, and she seemed to be struggling with the same mental health issues that were destroying me. She learned to grow past her issues and it was one hell of a video game journey I will never forget (and one that helped me through one of the darkest times of my life).

“One fake friend can do the damage of ten enemies… Be smart choosing your friends.”

Ziad K. Abdelnour

When it comes to acquiring friendships, I very much prefer quality over quantity. Nope! I have no desire to be popular with hundreds of fake idiots I barely know added on a Facebook page. People can be sneaky and if you happen to trust the wrong people, you’re in for a world of hurt.

“Nothing is more dangerous than a person with a broken heart and a smiling face.”


Alas! There is no greater pain than a shattered heart. I’ve worn that fake smile while feeling like I was trapped in the darkest of hells, and yep, there is no mindset more dangerous.

“Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay, like an octopus on your face.”


This quote always makes me legit smile! It sucks, but some people I treasured as friends just weren’t meant to be in my life forever. People change and butt heads. That’s life. You can never get rid of your true friends, though! I’m lucky to have a few people in my life I know I’ll probably be stuck with forever ❤

There’s always a little truth behind every ‘just kidding’, a little knowledge behind every ‘I don’t know’, a little emotion behind every ‘I don’t care’, and a little pain behind every ‘it’s okay’


Pay attention to what people aren’t saying to you! You could be hurting the people you care about and not realize it until they’re gone. That’s the important message this quote gives me.

This post is proudly part of the Blaugust Promptapalooza 2020 blogging community event created by the badass Belghast!

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