My Game Sheroes and Heroes

This article is brought to you by the nineth Blaugust 2020 Promtapalooza topic presented by the awesome writer Endalia over on Princess in a Castle: Tell us about some of your favorite protagonist/s and explain why.

Yes!! I love talking about my favourite protagonists. Video games have provided me with the vast majority of people I love, so this article is going to focus on video game characters.

Favourite Shero: Lightning Farron

You’d be moody too if you had to keep trying to save a dying world full of idiots.

Occupation: One Woman Army, Goddess-Chosen Knight, and Savior of Souls
Voice Actor: Ali Hillis (also known as Liara T’soni in Mass Effect, Scout Harding in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Lady Palutena in Kid Icarus: Uprising)
A Cool Quote: “It’s not a question of can or can’t. There are some things in life you just do.”

In a former blogging life, I babbled on endlessly about my undying love for pink-haired protagonist of the over-hated-on Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. Lightning’s character and that whole trilogy of games are VERY VERY special to me, to say the least. So… please forgive me when I get incredibly angry and defensive whenever I see the criticisms people often spew about these games. Often having not bothered to try the games for themselves, I might add.

I don’t hate you personally for it. I just really disagree with your opinions. We all see things differently, after all.

Anyway, Lightning Farron is far from the perfect shero. I’ll be the first to say she is seriously flawed, and that’s why I love her so much; I have the same flaws. It was a true blessing to discover someone struggling with the same issues as me (even if that someone is a writing team at Square Enix).

Lightning’s greatest enemy isn’t lesser Fal’Cie gods, Caius Ballad, or demented deities, it’s herself. Pushing the people you care about away, and hiding your pain behind a bitchy mask leaves you hollow, broken, and alone. Trust me. I know that trip all too well.

I can see the big vulnerable heart that Lightning is trying so hard to hide from the world. It honestly broke my own heart to see how she acted during that infamous “worst birthday ever” scene in the first game. It’s also why I almost cried during the last scenes in Lightning Returns. I’ll just leave it at that.

Runner-up Shero: Aloy

True story: Aloy once threatened to dethrone Lightning as my favourite shero.

Occupation: Stalwart Seeker
Voice Actor: Ashly Burch (also known as Cassie Cage in Mortal Combat X, Quacho Queen in World of Final Fantasy, and Chloe Price in Life Is Strange)
A Cool Quote: “Good thing I’m shunned or I’d have to talk to these idiots.”

I fell in love with Aloy within moments of playing Horizon: Zero Dawn. It was really cool how the game started off by showing young Aloy grow into the badass warrior woman she is.

Sadly, I related a lot to Aloy’s chronic outcast condition. I was bullied relentlessly as a kid for being different. It was hard not to cry while watching poor Aloy endure the same crap from garbage humans.

I admire how Aloy pushes aside all that anger. She is always willing to do anything to help those very people who hate her. She is an overall good person with badass combat skillz and the queen of sarcasm. Love her!

Favourite Hero: Link

Talking is overrated.

Occupation: Reincarnated Hero of Time
Voice Actor: Various people have done his sound bytes over the years. I’m going to pretend a certain animated series and CDi games never happened…

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only gamer out there who loves hella popular Link from the Legend of Zelda series. Specifically, the Ocarina of Time version of Link has a very special place in my gamer heart (well, that is my all-time favourite video game).

Link is the embodiment of courage and always a great source of inspiration if you need a reason to keep hoping that good can triumph over evil. I’ll never forget my jaw dropping the first time Adult Link woke up in the Sacred Realm. The only word I have for that look is badass!

Runner-up Hero: Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Occupation: Vengeful Playboy, Roma Rebellion Builder, and Wise Master Assassin
Voice Actor: Roger Craig Smith (also known as Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 5, various Cocoon inhabitants in Final Fantasy XIII, and Zhang Liao in Dynasty Warriors 6)
A Cool Quote: “To say that nothing is true is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say that everything is permitted is to understand that we are the architects of our actions and that we must live with our consequences, whether glorious or tragic.”

The coolest characters come in trilogies! Not gonna lie, I hated Ezio at the start of Assassin’s Creed II. He seemed like just your run-of-the-mill playboy trying to get as much sexy time action as possible (ugh).

However, I was pleased to discover how wrong my first impressions of him were! As his story unfolded over that game, Brotherhood, and Revelations, he overcame the loss of everything he held dear, evolving into an amazing human being who would do anything to protect the world around him. I also love his smooth Italian accent and generally badass nature. This dude freaking rocks!

This post is proudly part of the Blaugust Promptapalooza 2020 blogging community event created by the badass Belghast!

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  1. You learn something new everyday, had no idea the lady who played Liara was Scout Harding. Very different voice types and mannerisms, suitably impressed.

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  2. Gotta love Aloy and Ashley Burch such a fantastic character and voice actor combo they literally couldn’t have chosen better, super excited for Horizon 2

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m with you on Ezio! At first, I was all like “sigh, another playboy,” but he proved to be much more than superficially sleazy. He’s my most-liked AC protagonist, by far.

    Liked by 1 person

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