The Great London Trophy Hunt (Week 1)

I love collecting PlayStation trophies! For whatever reason I get all giddy and excited whenever I see one pop up on my screen while playing a game. Xbox and Steam achievements just don’t have the same effect one me. Probably for one simple reason: those platforms don’t have shiny Platinum Trophies!

Yep! I thoroughly enjoy a good platinum trophy quest if a game really clicks with me. It’s a good excuse to see everything a game has to offer and walk away with a shiny virtual memento that shows off how much I loved it.

When the awesome Gaming Omnivore pitched a brilliant trophy hunt collaboration idea on the Later Levels Support Role Discord channel (all bloggers welcome there, by the way, so feel free to join) I was all for it. After some discussions we decided to set Assassin’s Creed Syndicate in our sights and blog about our journeys to platinum.

Syndicate will hopefully be my 23rd platinum!

There was once a time when I was obsessed with the Assassin’s Creed series. I have so many collector’s edition statues it isn’t even funny. However, Assassins Creed Unity broke my interest in the series. I didn’t hate the game, but I didn’t love the game either.

Arno the protagonist was a meh character to me, QA issues (let’s never forget the floating eyeballs), and all the forced multiplayer elements left a bad taste in my mouth (more specifically, I can’t get the platinum trophy because of two damn multiplayer trophies… grr).

Word on the internet was that Ubisoft learned from their mistakes and made Assassin’s Creed great again after the Unity stumble. I’ve been meaning to jump back into the series for a long time, but never got around to it until now. So a huge thanks to Gaming Omnivore for giving me the excuse to!

!!!UNMARKED SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Read at your own risk or press the back button if you haven’t played Assassin’s Creed Syndicate yet.

Trophy Unlock 1: A Spanner in the Works

Assassin’s Creed is great to me again!! I was hooked on the story and fell in love with the two protagonists within mere minutes of starting Syndicate. Evie and Jacob Frye are charming, hilarious, and a wonderful bro/sis duo. As a lonely only child, I’m a huge sucker for any plot with siblings! ❤

The intro missions introduced me to combat and stealth with Jacob and Evie. Jacob is the brash brawler and Evie is the stoic stealth-goddess. You have the option to swap between the pair most of the time, but some missions require a specific sibling.

Evie is by far my favourite choice so most of the game will be completed as her, I’d say. I love her traditionalist assassin character (throwing knives FTW), but that doesn’t mean I hate Jacob, by any means. His biggest flaw is he isn’t Evie.

Trophy Unlock 2: A Simple Plan

It’s not Assassin’s Creed without a complicated plot happening in the present day! It’s looking like the present day is only shown in cutscenes instead of weird minigames, and that’s a change I’m okay with!

Trophy Unlock 3: A Blade in the Crowd

I got this one for assassinating 50 enemies really early into the quest. Pretty sure this one is unmissable given the nature of the game!

Trophy Unlock 4: Queensbury Rules

Yikes. I know this looks bad, but I swear I was just innocently murdering rival gang members when a copper jumped into the fight. I had to kill him in self-defense and I happened to get a x40 combo while doing so.

Trophy Unlock 5: Unqualified Success

Hunting pesky lesser Templars is one of the main side missions in Syndicate. Thankfully, I only have to fulfill all of the optional objectives for 3 of them. Back to ignoring everything and charging directly to my target!

Trophy Unlock 6: Thieftaker

Another side activity is capturing live (preferably) Templars for the good copper Sgt. Abberline. It’s actually more fun bringing them in alive rather than just simply killing them. I’ve only accidentally killed one of them so far (I pressed the assassinate button instead of knock out button and didn’t feel like reloading… whoops!)

Trophy Unlock 7: Ordinary Criminal

You can’t go more than 2 minutes walking on the streets of London without running into a crowd event. Tackling petty thieves or murdering random Templar minions seem to happen the most frequently. No surprise I got this trophy for doing 20 of them so quickly.

Trophy Unlock 8: A Modern Babylon

It’s in my nature to do all the side stuff to my heart’s content before tackling the main story in any Assassin’s Creed game. I left off the story with Evie and Jacob having a bit of a disagreement on how to cleanse London of its Templar control.

Trophy Unlock 9: Flawless Conqueror

Yet another side activity is taking over rival gang strongholds. Thankfully like in Unqualified Success, I only have to worry about fulfilling the optional objectives 3 times.

Trophy Unlock 10: Children’s Aid Society

The Industrial Revolution was a rough time for the unfortunate working class of all ages, and Syndicate captures those injustices perfectly. Freeing the child slaves kept by greedy Templar fat cats is the most satisfying side activity in this game. Not triggering the alarm in the process is kinda fun, so I’ll keep doing that even though I no longer need to.

Trophy Unlock 11: Friends at My Back

The Rooks are the gang under the command of Jacob and Evie. To be honest, I haven’t been using them much since I enjoy the solo assassin experience more. Randomly rounding up five minions gave me a trophy though.

Trophy Unlock 12: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

This… was the hardest trophy for me and I’m so freaking glad it’s out of the way. It was more of a moral difficulty than a gameplay difficulty too. I HATE harming animals in video games, but this one requires you to kill the bad guys’ horses so that their carriages flip over. What I won’t do for trophies…

Also, yes! It is kinda weird that I have no issues murdering the bad virtual humans in this game, yet feel awful about hurting the poor pixel horses. Sigh.

Trophy Unlock 13: Guardian Angel

There’s more than enough side activities to keep me busy. I made it a point to get this random cargo defending one out of the way ASAP.


And that’s all that happened this week! I would also like to dedicate this post to the pixel horses I was forced to kill for a trophy. Your sacrifice will always be remembered. May your souls neigh in peace!

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