The Great London Trophy Hunt (Week 2)

When the awesome Gaming Omnivore pitched a brilliant trophy hunt collaboration idea on the Later Levels Support Role Discord channel (all bloggers welcome there, by the way, so feel free to join) I was all for it. After some discussions we decided to set Assassin’s Creed Syndicate in our sights and blog about our journeys to platinum.

Here is what went down during week 2 of my trophy hunt! You can see what happened during week 1 here.

The TL;DR version is I binged on side activities (Fight Clubs are the best) and my Assassin duo was pretty much maxed out before I completed Sequence 4 of the main story. Steamrolling my way to platinum now, baby!

!!!UNMARKED SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Read at your own risk or press the back button if you haven’t played Assassin’s Creed Syndicate yet.

Trophy Unlock 14: Treasure Hunter

Gotta get those random side activities out of the way first! Raiding Templar gang train, boat, and carriage cargo runs all count towards the 10 hijackings needed for this one. The train raids are probably my favourite, but it’s hard to be in the right place at the right time to find them. Choo choo, ka-ching!

Trophy Unlock 15: Phantom

Next up, I got enough skill points to unlock the trophy for maxing out Evie’s Stealth Skills. Normally I hate stealth in games, but Evie’s style is the most fun way to stealth ever. Throwing knives for the win!

Trophy Unlock 16: Bartitsu

Right after I maxed Evie’s stealth, I was able to max Jacob’s Fight Skills. I’m more of a Jacob at heart, to be honest. My preferred playstyle in most games is to go in swinging at the bad guys and ask questions later.

Trophy Unlock 17: Bare-Knuckle Champion

My favourite side activity by far is the Fight Clubs scattered across London. I only needed to be champion of 3 of them for this trophy, but I went ahead and conquered all of them anyway for fun. Doing so also unlocked a few trophies I wasn’t planning to get from this side activity too. Woot!

Trophy Unlock 18: A Quarter-Furlong at a Time

Street Races are definitely my least favourite side activity in this game. The computer cheats, my R2 trigger finger hurts from holding the button down, and its generally annoying since one mistake can make you lose. I invested some skill points into Evie’s driving ability and was able to finish most of them while coming first in 3 (which was all that was needed for this trophy).

Trophy Unlock 19: Needle in a Haystack

I am so happy this trophy was much easier to get than I thought! Basically, you have to lure 5 guards to the same haystack and stealth kill them from it. My opportunity presented itself during one of the Templar assassination side activities. Evie’s hidden blade to the head took out the target quietly, and then all of his guards started running around aimlessly. I was able to whistle 5 of them over to my trap without being seen.

Also, I technically got the trophy in a leaf pile, not a haystack. I’ll still happily take the trophy!

Trophy Unlock 20: Blade from Above

The grappling hook mechanic is the most innovative and awesome addition to the Assassin’s Creed series! Climbing buildings and crossing gaps is much less tedious than it became in earlier games. Another great grappling hook ability is to create a zipline you can use to air assassinate enemies. This trophy was for doing that 20 times.

Trophy Unlock 21: Whirlwind of Death

There’s nothing quite as satisfyingly as pulling off a multi-kill finisher. I racked up 50 of those in one of the Fight Clubs. This screenshot also screams Whirlwind of Death, no?

Trophy Unlock 22: Multitalented

Perks are basically little bonuses you get for performing certain actions a set number of times. I unlocked the 10th Perk I needed for the trophy in a Fight Club, of course.

Trophy Unlock 23: Bedfellows, Strange or Otherwise

Associates are another cool feature of Syndicate. Allies of Evie and Jacob will offer you various side activities and you gain Loyalty with them by completing their jobs. Clara O’Dea, the young caretaker of the cities poor street children was the Associate I reached the max level with first.

I made it a point to stop the awful child slave factories run by the Templars first and foremost. Free the children!

Trophy Unlock 24: Student of History

I love that point in a game where all the collectible related trophies start rolling in. This one was for finding all the Historical Posters scattered across London. These are neat to look at in the game’s database too.

Trophy Unlock 25: Cerevisaphile

A trophy for sampling every beer brand in London?? Yes, please!! I also love reading Shawn Hasting’s tasting notes in the game’s database (he’s the present day member of the Assassins responsible from writing all the database entries). Poor guy…

Trophy Unlock 26: Language of Flowers

Pressed Flowers were yet another collectible to be collected. Each one unlocks a different colour scheme you can apply to Evie and Jacob’s attire. Don’t ask why the trophy took a few minutes to pop and while I was cover assassinating people.

Trophy Unlock 27: Wonder of the Age

Ding! Max level achieved already. I’m so going to steamroll the main story missions whenever I get back to them.

Trophy Unlock 28: Most Unsporting

I was planning to get this trophy with Jacob the better marksmen, but Evie was just as capable of shooting people before being shot. I started farming countershots from rangers once I realized this could turn into a bit of a grind if I waited too long to go for it.

Trophy Unlock 29: You Wouldn’t Steal a Policeman’s Helmet

This one is quite a pain. You have to hijack 20 cop carriages, which sounds easy enough, but wasn’t so easy in practice. Most cop carriages come with two cops in the driver’s seat, meaning when you throw one off, the other cop throws you off and it doesn’t count.

I found running after the cop and re-hijacking worked well. In the harder districts, more cop carriages come after you once you steal one, so I was able to get a chain of these a few times for the trophy. Shout-out to my Rooks for keeping the bloody coppers off my back!

Trophy Unlock 30: Street Sweeping

London is mine! Mwahahaha. This trophy is for killing all of the Templar gang leaders and taking control of each district in London.

Trophy Unlock 31: Godlike

The Secrets of London music box finding activity has one hell of an amazing reward! Evie gets The Aegis outfit which was worn by Minerva herself. I really love the phasing elements incorporated into the outfit’s design. Screenshots can’t really do it justice.

Trophy Unlock 32: A Life in Letters

When in Buckingham Palace, might as well steal all of the royal family’s private letters! Does Victorian-era London have tabloids? I bet Jacob and Evie could make a fortune…

Trophy Unlock 33: Artisan

I’m level 10 already so I might as well craft some level 10 weapons for my pair of lovable assassins to use mercilessly against their enemies.

Trophy Unlock 34: A Quick and Reliable Remedy

And finally, back to the main story. Yep. I pretty much maxed out everything before I finished Sequence 4. Ugh. I have to say I was very happy to end this lunatic Dr. Templar’s reign of terror.

The final assassination mission for Sequence 4 was one of those settings that “get to me” in games. Anything with a hospital setting turns my stomach, but add in a mental hospital where the crazed doctors are torturing their patients to death and mutilating the bodies of the dead… just horrifying.

Luckily, Jacob saved the day in style. I murdered the pair of jerks electroconvulsive-therapy-torturing an awake patient, took the place of a body that head Dr. Asshole called for, and then happily murdered him in his own operating theater.

I never want to do this mission again…. *shudders*

Trophy Unlock 35: Keys to the City

All the side activities have me rolling in the money! I was able to buy all of the gang upgrades making my Rooks an unstoppable force of brutal vigilante justice in London!

Trophy Unlock 36: Furious

Don’t mess with my carriage, jerks! At level 10 with all the skills and the Templar carriages weakened by Rook sabotage, this trophy for ramming 20 carriages off the streets came quite easily.


Taking a peek at the trophies I have left, I can see one or two that might need a bit of focused grinding after I beat the game. Other than those, mostly all that’s left is to enjoy being super overpowered for the rest of the main story.

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6 thoughts on “The Great London Trophy Hunt (Week 2)

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  1. Steamrolling your way through the game by the looks of it you’ll be done in no time, what I’d like to know is has the all the time you’ve spent in London got you talking in a cockney accent yet 😆

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s looking over here like the two most troublesome trophies may be still the one for hijacking 20 police carriages and the one for kicking fifty enemies off a train, I’ve still got a ways to go for that. I can happily report that I’ve collected just about all the beer bottles and pressed flowers at least!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Maxing out your level when you still have almost half the achievements to go? I imagine that’ll make a lot of the rest of them, particularly the story content, a breeze.

    But hey, by this point, you’ve earned it. Definitely seems like you’ve put in the footwork (thumbwork?) to get that strong.

    Liked by 1 person

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