The Great JRPG Character Face-Off 2020

For anyone unaware, the great Pix1001 and wonderful Winst0lf are holding an awesome blogging community event. Basically, they asking for our lists of Top 5 JRPG Characters to be published in their epic master list at a future date!

I believe the deadline for community submissions is tomorrow, so I’m cutting it close here, but here’s my list of Top 5 JRPG folks.

Lightning Farron from the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy

I jokingly asked Pix and Winst0lf if I could submit Lightning Farron 5 times in different outfits from Lightning Returns, which they were surprisingly okay with, but I think I can give other JRPG characters some love too. I suppose…

Anyway, anyone who knows me will completely understand why Lightning Farron is on my Top 5 JRPG Person list. She is my favourite video game character of all-time so… yeah. I wrote an entire article dedicated to how much I love her character, which can be found here if you’re interested.

Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about Tales of Symphonia on my blog before, which is shocking considering how much teenage me fell in love with this game back in the day. I guess I don’t really remember too much about the game these days. Damn adult memory problems!

Sheena is an expert ninja assassin lady who doesn’t take crap from anyone. She gets angry at people a lot, but she has a good heart. I also love her Summon Spirit best friend, Corrine who looks like an adorable multi-tailed rainbow fox.

Presea Combatir from Tales of Symphonia

Making up for my lack of Tales of Symphonia babbling by picking two characters for the series for my Top 5 list!

Peresa is the pink-haired little girl (she’s not as young as she looks) who wields a giant axe in battle like a ruthless barbarian. She is emotionally distant, blunt, and doesn’t really care to understand how “proper” social skills work. I love her!

Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII

Barret is definitely my favourite character out of the Final Fantasy VII cast. He is blunt, sarcastic, and simply awesome. He would do absolutely anything to protect his planet from the forces that are ravaging it. He is also an amazing father figure.

Plus having a gun hand is pretty badass.

Kimahri Ronso from Final Fantasy X

Kimahri is a fierce protector who rarely speaks. He’s been deemed the outcast of his clan and he has been forced to make his own path in the world. He’s a kind soul deep down and only unleashes his endless anger on his enemies. Definitely the most underrated character in Final Fantasy X, in my opinion.

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3 thoughts on “The Great JRPG Character Face-Off 2020

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  1. I’m currently replaying FFX and I’m gelling with ole Kimahri a lot more this time. In the past I’ve not used him much cos I never knew how to level him, with him having no real sphere grid of his own. This time I’m advancing him along Yuna’s grid and he’s coming in very handy!

    An excellent list, I admit I’m shocked to not see 5 Lightnings in there though 😂


  2. Tales of Symphonia. Nice! I really liked playing that on the old Gamecube back when it came out, but never finished it. I picked up the PS3 edition with both GC and Wii ToS games a while back and want to play through…once I finish up a few other games first(famous last words)


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