The Great London Trophy Hunt (Complete)

When the awesome Gaming Omnivore pitched a brilliant trophy hunt collaboration idea on the Later Levels Support Role Discord channel (all bloggers welcome there, by the way, so feel free to join) I was all for it. After some discussions we decided to set Assassin’s Creed Syndicate in our sights and blog about our journeys to platinum.

Here is what went down during the final week of my trophy hunt! You can see what happened during week 1 and 2 here and here.

TL;DR – Mission accomplished! Thanks to a bad migraine episode where I could hardly see anything and my arm and tongue went numb, I was on the verge of freaking the fuck out. I also didn’t have anyone around to reach out to so… yeah. That wasn’t fun.

To distract my panicking brain (only I can save me from me, after all), I focused on grinding out two of the most annoying trophies in Syndicate (running over 5,000 things with a carriage and playing 300 with 50 bad guys on a train roof). Focusing on those grinds and nothing else that was happening seriously helped me get through that. Thank you Evie and Jacob! ❤

Overall, I freaking loved my time with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Evie Frye is now one of my top 5 video game sheroes and I really enjoyed the story. Exploring Victorian-era London was such a treat! I also can’t praise the grappling hook mechanic enough.

Yup. My faith in the Assassin’s Creed series is restored.

My next platinum quest is going to be Mass Effect 3, in case anyone is curious. I’ve platinumed all the other Mass Effect games and I think I’m finally ready to jump back into BioWare’s universe after taking a much needed break from it.

!!!UNMARKED SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Read at your own risk or press the back button if you haven’t played Assassin’s Creed Syndicate yet.

Trophy Unlock 37: Opium Scourge

It’s just a matter of waiting for the right opportunity with some of these corner case trophies! Four hapless enemies were huddled around a fire during one of Pearl Attaway’s missions for Jacob in Sequence 5 (the one where ya gotta blow something up with a cart). It was simply a matter of shooting a Hallucinogenic Dart into the fire and watching the chaos as the trophy popped.

Trophy Unlock 38: The Perils of Business

Business is indeed a coldblooded bitch! After taking some work for Pearl Attaway (mostly offing her competition), Jacob discovers she’s actually the cousin of the big bad Templar in control of London. He eavesdropped on an interesting chat between the pair.

Pearl found it quite amusing she was manipulating an Assassin to do her dirty work. So yeah… she had to die at the end of the sequence, obviously.

Her assassination mission was quite fun! I did all the optional objectives and the unique kill had Jacob crash through the glass ceiling on Pearl’s train car. Surprise, bitch!

Trophy Unlock 39: A Run on the Bank

Oh, Jacob. The poor guy means well, and brashly assassinating the Templar jerks squeezing London would probably be my approach too, but his assassinating actions often create unplanned chaos (and result in Evie having to clean up his mess in the next sequence).

The Governor of the Bank of England, Phillip Twopenny, is Sequence 6’s Templar target. Even though Jacob is explicitly told not to kill him by Sgt. Abberline, only find evidence to prove how Twopenny aids the Templar gang that regularly robs the bank, Jacob decides to take him out anyway.

This mission was obviously designed to be played stealthy, but nah… The only optional objective was to find a secret passage to the vault, nothing related to stealth or doing anything “properly”.

Since I was super over-leveled at this point, I ignored all the unique kill stuff, murdered my way to the vault alerting everyone and everything, and killed the target in a massive battle with almost every guard in the bank involved in the fight. I think Jacob would approve of my epic disregard for subtly!

I am also not responsible for the economic collapse this assassination mission caused. That’s all on Jacob and good on Evie for fixing everything after.

Trophy Unlock 40: Chimney Sweep

I was wondering why I had all the viewpoints in London synced and no trophy yet! Turns out there’s this weird alternate simulation Juno (first civilization digital lady) lures you into. This places you in World War I era London and in control of Lydia Frye the Assassin (I’m assuming she’s a descendant of one of the Frye twins. but I rushed through everything so fast I didn’t notice anything explaining her character).

But yeah, this weird sub-simulation thingy had the last 3 viewpoints I needed.

Trophy Unlock 41: A Broad Base

The main objective of the World War I simulation is to undermine the Templar spies that are working with the German invaders. Lydia is working for none other than Winston Churchill himself. She keeps pestering him to give women the right to vote and I found that highly amusing.

Churchill counts as an official Associate and doing his bidding to protect London unlocked this trophy for getting all the Associates to level 1 loyalty.

Trophy Unlock 42: The War at Home

Whoa! Things got intriguing. Juno (in the form of a scary digital lady in the sky) explains what the hell she’s up to and her backstory as you complete each mission in the World War I simulation. At the end of it, Juno reveals to us that the Templar Master Spy who Lydia killed was the Sage of that era.

As I understand it, the Sage of each time period is Juno’s lover reincarnated, and the now digitalized Juno is trying to track down her lover’s current human form. The First Civilization sure had some creative immortal people, eh?

Trophy Unlock 43: Look Out Below

Back to our regularly scheduled Victorian-era London assassin simulation…

This was another one of those corner case trophies that needed an opportunity to arise. On the mission where Greenie gets himself kidnaped and Evie has to rescue him, there was a group of guards conveniently standing in the kill radius of a stack of hanging barrels after I left the tunnels.

Trophy Unlock 44: All Is Fair in Politics

Okay. I felt bad I didn’t do the bank assassination “properly”, so I followed the next one to the letter. This one required me to take out Lord Cardigan in the British Parliament (a big political windbag planning to assassinate the Prime Minister).

I did all the side objectives so killing him was a breeze. With the door password acquired from another minister, Jacob simply walks in to do the deed. I love how Jacbo said “Oh, shut up” just before delivering the final blow.

Trophy Unlock 45: Without a Grudge

This was when I was hit with that migraine. I couldn’t see very well and I was panicking, so concentrating on destroying 5,000 things with my carriage was all I could focus on. I went through 2 carriages and had to turn my controller rumble off.

Trophy Unlock 46: No Ticket

This is Sparta!! Sorry. I had to… ahem.

This is the other grindy trophy I went for during my migraine. Basically, I kept reloading the first checkpoint of Sequence 2 and continuously kicked those guards off the train until the trophy popped. The hardest part was not accidentally murdering them outright since Evie was so powerful at this point.

Trophy Unlock 47: The Joys of Freedom

Sequence 8 was another had another insane Templar jerk to take out. At first, Jacob and the leader of the Templar gang, Maxwell Roth, form a shaky friendship since they both seem to hate the Templar Grand Master Crawford Starrick. Roth quickly shows Jacob how insane he truly is after blowing up a factory with children trapped inside (Jacob thankfully saves them from the blaze).

Roth’s assassination mission takes place in an opera theatre. I made Jacob disguise himself with a mask, use the serving lady to poison Roth’s henchmen, and rescued the machinist. Then Jacob drags Roth up above the stage to take him out, as the opera theatre catches fire. Poor Jacob got a kiss goodbye from Roth and then I managed to get out of the burning building in under 90 seconds.

Trophy Unlock 48: Mentor

Final mission time! I loved how the Starrick mission was handled. You swap back and fourth between Jacob and Evie at a fancy royal party where Starrick is planning to murder the monarchy.

Evie’s part involves tracking down the vault location and enduring a dance with the big bad Starrick. Jacob’s role is to take out Starrick’s snipers and deliver Evie’s equipment to her.

The duo eventually make it to the vault under the palace where they find Starrick has acquired the Shroud (a First Civilization artifact that makes the wearer immortal). The final fight has you swapping between Evie and Jacob while punching immortal Starrick. Many glorious punches later, they both team up to remove the Shroud and land the final blow on Starrick together. Such a perfect ending!

But yeah, the trophy for completing all the optional objectives in the main story popped first.

Trophy Unlock 49: Shall We Dance?

Then the trophy for completing Sequence 9 popped! The twins decided the Shroud is too powerful and put it back in the vault. Queen Victoria knights the Assassins for saving her royal butt (she even saved a piece of cake from the party for Evie). Evie and Henry Green officially fall in love (meh) and the story ends with Jacob and Evie racing each other to the train. Gotta love that sibling rivalry.

Trophy Unlock 50: Master Assassin

The game officially ends with a “what’s going on in the present” cutscene. The present day Assassins have found the Shroud but a big battle with the Templars leaves Rebecca seemingly dying in Shawn’s arms after taking a bullet for him.

The present day Templars now have the Shroud and are planning to use it to revive a member of the First Civilization. Finally, the game ends with one of the Templars revealing they are actually working with Juno. Dun dun dun….

Shiny platinum acquired!

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  1. Congratulations on the platinum trophy!

    I knew of the WW1 sequence so I figured that’s where the trophy for all the synchronization points would pop up…

    I had completely forgotten about being able to replay sequences! I was worried I would run out of opportunities to kick people off trains. 🤔


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