Seriously Geeky Sundays: Funny Guys, Cosplay, Here Be Monsters!

Oops! Totally fell behind on the awesome Just Geeking By‘s cool Seriously Geeky Sundays community event. I blame the fact I got addicted to Assassin’s Creed Syndicate this month and was caught up in other intensive blogging events I joined on whim. I wanna blog about everything, dammit!

Time for some serious catching up here. *cracks knuckles*

Welcome to this weird 3-week combo installment of me answering Heather’s prompts! This is going to be about comedy, cosplay and creeps. Definitely check out Heather’s creative prompts and take part in the fun if you want! I’m absolutely loving her questions so far.

So… without anymore intro babbling from me, here are my answers to Just Geeking By’s amusing, dressy, and horror-filled questions from the last few weeks. Thank you, Heather!

What makes you laugh?

Sarcasm. I love sarcasm. ❤

What TV show makes you laugh?

To be honest, it’s actually quite hard to make me legit laugh. Things that are seemingly hilarious to others are often only mildly amusing enough for me to let out a “Ha!” or type a “haha, rofl, lmao” etc.

It’s painful in reality when I have to pretend things are funny so I don’t look like an emotionless robot to others. That true side-splitting laughter state is just something that very rarely happens to me.

The only show that has legit made me laugh is The Simpsons. I love their sarcastic humour, I guess.

What is your favourite comedy movie?

I’ve searched my memory banks and nothing is jumping out at me for an answer. Jeez. Didn’t plan on being such a stick in the mud over here…

What scene always makes you crack up?

Um… yeah. There are no scenes that will always make me laugh. I’m nothing if not honest about my rare laughter.

Who is your favourite funny guy/girl?

All of my legit laughs during these dark days have come from an amazing group of cool people streaming video games on Twitch. I’ve gotta give huge lol credits to:

Thank you so much to all these super streamers! You have no idea how many times y’all have brightened up my 2020.

Who is your favourite comedian?

Mary Walsh, an absolute Canadian comedy treasure. So… probably no one else in the world has heard of her before. Who cares about Canadian entertainers, amiright eh?

In addition to stand-up comedy, Mary Walsh is probably best known in Canada for her role on the CBC’s political satire show This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Her most memorable character “Marg, Princess Warrior” is a Xena-like legend who confronts real Canadian politicians in actual press conference settings. She’s put many a windbag in their place with her antics, that’s for sure.

Have you cosplayed before?


What does cosplay mean to you?

Personally, nothing. Interpersonally, I’m very happy a lot of people find joy in dressing up as their favourite characters. The cool and unique ways that fans find to bring characters to life is amazing. While I don’t actively seek out cosplayers, anything I’ve stumbled across in my internet travels always looks cool.

Do you have a favourite cosplayer?

I just Googled “Lightning Farron cosplay” and found Alyson Tabbitha who does a jaw-dropping job portraying my shero perfectly. She is now my favourite cosplayer.

What is the most unique cosplay you have ever seen?

Google to the rescue again! Here are 71 unique cosplays courtesy of boredpanda. Some of them are pretty amusing!

Have you ever done a casual cosplay (aka everyday cosplay) or Disney bounding?


Pick a group of characters from a fandom and tell us who they would cosplay as!

The last video game I beat was Assassin’s Creed Syndicate so let’s play cosplay with the Frye twins!

I could see Jacob Frye pulling off a great cosplay as Snow from Final Fantasy XIII. He’s got that same brash “wannabe hero” attitude, that’s for sure.

Evie Frye would make an awesome Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII! She’s already mastered the eyeroll.

What was your first introduction to the horror genre?

NOT a horror genre fan. My brain has likely blocked out my first experience with horror in media, hence why I can’t remember

Horror comes in all flavours now; what sub-genres do you like/dislike?

I generally dislike all of it. I do have a soft spot for zombies since I love the Resident Evil series. Also the dark humour in some horror comedy can be great!

Who is your favourite monster?


I still need to play the Resident Evil 3 Remake someday.

What is your favourite monstrous species?

Definitely dragons!! Anytime I see a dragon in a game I start grinning like an idiot. There is just something so cool about dragons and I’ve been drawn to them for as long as I can remember. I was also born in 1988 which is a Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac so… RAWR!

Monsters come in all forms including humans; who is your favourite human monster?

Humans really are the most terrifying monsters. The Last of Us has several examples of horrific humanity and those would be my favourite.

What is your favourite horror/supernatural fandom?

I kinda answered this already but Resident Evil (even the movies). It’s all about zombies, evil corporations, and has loads of cool characters. The last game I played was Resident Evil 5 so it’s been far too long.

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