About Ace Asunder

The Main Mission

Welcome to Ace Asunder: A passion project created by one seriously alone ace embracing the world that’s crumbling around her… while escaping from it. Media matters, representation rocks, and stories save our souls. Fight us on that!

Ace Asunder’s main mission is to embrace the joy of escapism via all forms of media entertainment while promoting asexual representation and the works of all talented content creators.

Our Founder’s Story

Have you ever hit rock bottom before? Our founder Solarayo has lots of experience with that place and doesn’t recommend it to anyone. While she refuses to go into exact details about her last plunge into the defeated abyss, our founder admits to being utterly destroyed by her feelings for another human. ​

An outside perspective can’t really comprehend the emotional cataclysm that the event in question set off in Solarayo’s mind. The fragile sense of who she was had been completely torn asunder. It was a long isolated road from that point of devastation, but after many mistakes she wishes she could undo, she reached the lovely land of being almost completely okay with everything.

Solarayo has learned a ton of valuable lessons from the various obstacles fate has thrown at her. Ultimately, she realized she had no one but herself to blame for her issues. Not the bullies that tormented her relentlessly during her school days, the toxic employer who made her life a living hell, the many health problems she has faced, the family that wants nothing to do with her, the close friends who always seem to abandon her, or the many humans she can’t seem to connect with no matter how hard she tries.

Solarayo realized she had been her own worst enemy for her whole entire life. It was at last time for her to embrace the disasters and work on becoming her own best friend.

Depression and anxiety will always be an internal battle for Solarayo to deal with, but she is happy to report that she’s no longer at the mercy of her emotions. She reached out for help and turned her life around. She is now proud of who she is and is excited about where she is going. Posttraumatic growth is where it’s at, baby! ​

The Terrific Team


Founder, Editor, Writer, Social Media Manager, Head of Security

Fast Facts:

  • Character Alignment – Chaotic Good
  • Western Zodiac Sign – Capricorn
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign – Dragon
  • Sexual Orientation – Asexual
  • Romantic Orientation – Demi
  • Love Language – Quality Time
  • Pronouns – She/Her
  • Hogwarts House – Gryffindor
  • Patronus – Little Owl
  • Loves – Writing, reading, music, real friends, exercise, and gaming
  • Loathes – Ignorance, intolerance, the state of the world, fake ass friends, and her feelings

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