Novel Notes: Each Little Universe

ZOMG! An upcoming soon-to-be-super-famous published author gave me an advance copy of their debut novel?? This is so freaking cool… ahem. Sorry. Let me try to pull out my professional-ish article writing tone. I think I have one of those… probably? (I… um, don’t think I do. Oh well!)

In all seriousness, that was one of my primary objectives for creating Ace Asunder about 2 months ago: To promote great indie content creators on their path to content creation stardom. Thank you so much to the great author Chris Durston for giving me this opportunity to do that! Also, if there are any other indie aspiring authors, game developers, artists, content-in-general creators out there reading this and want me to babble-boost about your work, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll consider it.

Disclaimer: I also consider Chris one of my closest friends so my opinions of his work may be a bit biased because I know what an awesome human he truly is. Supporting my rare friends relentlessly and however I can while they pursue whatever they dream of doing is just how I am.

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Novel Notes: Icefall

A post-apocalyptic YA tale with no shoehorned romances? Well, gee, sign me right up! One of my biggest issues with novels classified as YA is that a stupid romance (or awful love triangle) seems to be required, thus creating awful relationships between characters that make me eye roll so damn hard. There’s none of that crap in Icefall and lots of action scenes. Both huge reasons why I enjoyed it!

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Novel Notes: Incognito, The Secret Lives of the Brain

If I could go back in time and yell one thing at high school era me it would be this: “Pursue a career is psychology, not electronics! Trust me. I’m you from the future.” Yep. If I ever get a time machine, that’s totally happening. I don’t care how much damage it does to the timeline.

Anyway, I have an armchair interest in psychology and mental health topics these days. Initially, I was a little worried this book would be over my head since I have no formal education in the psychology area. On of my best friends at the time told me I wouldn’t have any trouble with the topics, and would likely enjoy it. And yep, they were right! I also miss talking to them a lot and really hope they’re doing well with the world falling apart and whatnot. Alas.

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A History of Video Games in 64 Objects

Day 9 of the Blapril posting spree is here! Almost a third of the way there, people… wait. That thought actually isn’t comforting at all. Oh well! We’re all having fun blogging here, right? That’s the important part.

My long weekend began at 10:30am today due to my boss busting me for working too much this week. I was told to go relax and enjoy my weekend as best I can given the state of the coronapocalypse. I was using work as a nice distraction from the world falling apart around me, but I’m overall grateful, I guess.

Instead of wisely using my extra time to write planned posts for Blapril, I decided to do the following:

  • Waited in a socially distanced line to get into a grocery store to buy chocolate, while witnessing garbage humanity at its worst.
  • Walked over 10km while doing a lot of Pokémon GO stuff.
  • Played for the first time and beat in one sitting a relaxing underwater video game that has been sitting in my Steam library for years.
  • Created an Instagram account due to peer pressure.

Some of those activities sparked blog article ideas at least! It’s just a matter of forming those raw thoughts into coherent written words at some point. For today, I’m going to give my structured thoughts on a cool piece of video game historical literature: A History of Video Games in 64 Objects which details items in The Strong museum located in Rochester, NY. Lots and lots of love being sent down south to all my USA neighbours, by the way. You guys got this!

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Novel Notes: The Tales of Lunis Aquaria

I had a bad day “today” so I’m writing this from the future! Spooky. Nah. Seriously, I had a really crappy Friday April 3rd 2020 and missed my Blapril post for this day. I’m therefore attempting to cheat by backdating this post and writing another one for actual today, too. Ha! Take that, system…. (please don’t disqualify me).

Moving on with the actual article content and not talking about my personal drama, here are my thoughts on The Tales of Lunis Aquaria by Tessa Hastjarjanto!

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Novel Notes: The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy

Hello there, YA classified novel with romance themes I connected with on a soulular level. Wow… such things do exist in today’s world. I’m truly speechless after reading this epic masterpiece. I just can’t describe how much I love this book and its lovingly sarcastic asexual shero, Felicity Montague. But I really want to get a review of this book written so I’m going to try to express my glee in a somewhat coherent fashion. Ahem.

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Novel Notes: Summer Bird Blue

Yeah, yeah…. I know. “Never judge a book by its cover” is common advice that’s important to follow and all that. But damn, I just have to say I fell in love with the art style on the cover of this one! Blue is my favourite colour (so bias) and it screams relaxing ocean vibes. Unfortunately for the main character, Rumi Seto, this tale is the opposite of a tranquil stroll along a beach.

Pretty cover is pretty 😍

Rumi’s world as she knows it has just been utterly destroyed by the tragic loss of her best friend and little sister, Lea. Her mom is immobilized by grief and teenage Rumi is sent from her home in the eastern US to go stay with her aunt in Hawaii. This upheaval and perceived abandonment doesn’t exactly help Rumi deal with her pain, to say the least.

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At Last Appreciating Potter Perfection

Has anyone out there ever heard of this Harry Potter novel series thing before? Ha! I know. It’s about damn time I got into this super popular fandom. Young me had read some of the Sorcerer’s Stone (aka the Philosopher’s Stone) way back in the day. I think one of my estranged relatives had gifted it to me, or something… one of my mom’s sisters, maybe? I dunno. I vaguely remember watching the first movie in middle school as well. That had been the extent of my Potter-ing. The story premise just didn’t click with my developing brain. A boy wizard goes to a magical school to learn magic stuff. Meh.

Or so young me thought, anyway… hold your anger please, Potter fans!

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