Dynamax Dat Phat Beat! (Pokémon Sword)

Holy crap!! Pokémon sure has come a long way since I peaced out on the series after the Gold/Silver era. I’m in shock and awe over here…

Don’t get me wrong! It’s not like I hated the games after Gold/Silver or anything. Young me just lost interest in the series after that generation for whatever reason.

“Gotta catch ’em all!” was starting to feel way too overwhelming, I guess. I mean, I had a hard enough time keeping tabs on 251… now there’s, what? 800+ types of the lil’ pocket monsters crawling around?? That’s a crazy number that would take forever to acquire. Wow.

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Play-Along: To the Moon (Minisode 1 and 2)

Time to Loot’s official Play-Along of To the Moon collaboration is now complete! The two Minisode DLC packs are very, very short (putting the “mini” in “minisode” for sure), yet offer so many complex questions about this game’s universe. Hm.

Whoa is right, Neil…

So let’s jump right into this and answer the two final event questions! Many, many thanks to the awesome Naithin for putting this event together. It was a great excuse to finally play this game! You can also check out my answers to Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3 if you’re at all interested in my thoughts on the whole game.


This goes Without SAying, probably, but just in case: The rest of this article will Totally Ruin To The Moon if you haven’t played it yet!
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Play-Along: To the Moon (Act 3)

And that’s a game… sorta! The SigCorp Minisodes 1 & 2 DLC is up for discussion next in this great Play-Along event hosted by Time to Loot, but the main game has reached the emotional epic conclusion I heard so much hype about.

Was it sad? Did I cry? I’m not admitting anything… sniffs.

You can also check out my answers to Act 1 and Act 2 if you’re at all interested in my thoughts on the whole game.

So let’s jump right into this! Thank you to the awesome Naithin for putting this event together.


This goes Without SAying, probably, but just in case: I will be answering questions about ACT 3 of to the MOON and The rest of this article will Totally Ruin the game if you haven’t played it yet!
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Play-Along: To the Moon (Act 2)

Yes!! I’m actually meeting a deadline for a blogging event this week. For those unaware, the great website Time to Loot is hosting a Play-Along event of the depressingly great game called To the Moon. I literally just finished Act 2 like 5 minutes ago so hopefully I’ll be able to answer the questions easily since it’s fresh in my memory banks.

You can check out my answers to Act 1 here, by the way.

Thank you to the awesome Naithin for putting this event together, and for also being really understanding about me missing the deadline for the first week! ❤

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Play-Along Late: To the Moon (Act 1)

Better super late than never, amiright? I, um, hope so… I was really excited to join in on Naithan of Time the Loot’s Play-Along collaboration of To the Moon when he announced it a few weeks ago. I had Act 1 of the game all played on time, watched the freaking fantastic Later Levels stream it that Saturday too, and was all set to answer those brilliant questions in post due June 5th.

Alas, that never happened. My brain decided to dredge up its’ tired old drama and hit me with a tsunami of feelings just when I was in the happiest place of my life. Go figure.

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Troubling Tomahawk From Grand Theft Auto V

Mwahahaha!! My crazed criminal alter ego Genni and I had lots of fun together this past Sunday night/Monday morning. Yep. I was a sleepless wreck for work from home yesterday (rolling out of bed 5 minutes before my shift FTW), but dammit, it was worth it.

Genni and I hadn’t really spent a lot of time together before that. Let’s see… I wasted a bunch of the starter money on tattoos, cars, and properties after she was created. Oh! And she had a blast hanging out with the lovely Later Levels crew plus the dashing Dan of nowisgames.com on a live Twitch stream last Wednesday.

Well… she mostly got drunk and died a lot, but it was the best time ever once technology worked! She went up to Rank 2 from all the chaos as a bonus. That was also my first time “on-air gaming” and it was pretty freaking cool, and only a tiny bit terrifying. Shout-out again to Later Levels for the invite!

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Goose-ness Gracious

Sometimes you have to see a game in action before you decide to dive into it. I read all the hype on the internet for House House’s cute game staring a jerk goose when it first came out, but I never felt compelled to actually play it for some reason. That is until I watched the great Gaming Diaries stream the whimsical craziness on Twitch (Definitely check out her work and give her a follow on WordPress and Twitch. She’s awesomely entertaining!).

Untitled Goose Games puts you in control of a delinquent unnamed goose in a quaint unknown town setting. The overall goal is to harass the locals as much as you can while on a quest to steal the town’s shiny golden bell. Absolutely deplorable… and shamefully fun!

Can’t say I blame the townsfolk for being anti-goose. Still. Symbols of blind hate are always wrong. #NotAllGeese
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Operation! NES Edition

This article is a satirical and not-at-all-serious recount of how a quack video game console surgeon replaced the faulty 72-pin connector on her aging original NES console. Fellow console surgeons who actually want to preform the procedure themselves are advised to consult an actual guide located elsewhere on the internet.

The Diagnosis

I had met the patient at a flea market in the summer of 2015. At the time, he appeared to be in good health and even had his original packaging. Not only that he also came with Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt and one of those classic flashy light guns. The NES era was a generation before my time and I know there are many classic games I missed out on from those glory days of gaming. I decided I’d give the old guy a new home, and I also picked up the original two Zelda games along with him. When I brought him home, however, his hidden illness was quickly revealed…

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Necessary Necessities From Grand Theft Auto V

Lucky me got to buy the fancy digital Premium Edition of Grand Theft Auto V for only $14.99 CAD the other day! Included in that was a nice $1,000,000 in the bank to get my online character, Genni, off to a great start in Los Santos. Of course, I have to be careful and spend that money wisely!

My very first stop was the local tattoo parlor to get a spartan sleeve on her left arm, and a skull-ace design on her right arm. Next stop was the salon to dye her hair purple, because everything is better with colorful hair, no? And finally, a clothing store to buy a badass biker jacket. Oh and I may have bought a house using my phone… how convenient!

All in all, I spent about $400,000 in 10 minutes. See. I’m totally responsible with money over here and only got the necessary necessities for Genni.

I should probably actually focus on leveling her now… or maybe go car shopping!

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