Superb Supporters

Nope! We don’t have a Patreon, Ko-fi, ads, sponsored links, or any other means of attempting to generate that physical cash-money thing here on Ace Asunder. That’s just not why we’re doing this… at all.

Don’t get us wrong! It’s well within a content creator’s rights to try and monetize their work, and while we support you doing that while keeping your creative vision intact, we do not like doing that here. Okay? Good.

Ace Asunder is grateful to be totally 100% funded by our founder Solarayo… and is honestly mostly her platform to write about the things she enjoys writing about. And hey, If you ask us, money is the root cause of most of our world’s dire problems anyway. We’re asking you to do something the world desperately needs more of: good deeds.

That’s right! If you’ve enjoyed any of our content and want to support us we ask that you do something nice for someone else. Kick a few bucks at a charity of your choice, tip a content creator you love, give a helping hand to someone in need… there are lots of ways to pay it forward. Every small act of kindness adds a drop of light to this dark world of ours.

And if you’ve done that feel free to let us know. We’ll add you and what you did to the Section of Supporters section below (redundant wording intended). Thank you for being an awesome human being!

Section of Supporters

No one’s done anything yet… check back soon and don’t forget to let us know if you’ve done something good in our name.

2 thoughts on “Superb Supporters

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  1. Always best is to stay yourself and go for the things you believe in yourself.

    Having a platform in this world full of so many writings, we can’t cope by following all, we wish that enough people shall (sometimes perhaps by chance) come along and shall dare to support you by liking your articles, because do know sometimes such support can be useful to continue to present articles worthwhile reading (because they shall demand time to write). Also best to keep going is to write about the things you enjoy writing about and sincerely we do hope you shall not fall in the trap to earn money by presenting lots of hidden adverts in your text, promoting this and that, willing to become a trendsetter (or something like that).

    Concerning giving money to certain organisations, as part of the Free Belgian Christadelphians, we are ourself an organisation with a lot of costs, but not much money coming in, providing also aid for many in need and at the same time trying to build up and sharing some ways to come to a better social world of peace, by trying to bring a variety of messages but most importantly the Good News which is given for all and written down in the Book of books, the Bible.

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    1. I actually haven’t heard of Free Belgian Christadelphians before you mentioned it. Very interesting. I fully support the practice of faith in such a peaceful manner. Thanks for stopping by!

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