A History of Video Games in 64 Objects

Day 9 of the Blapril posting spree is here! Almost a third of the way there, people… wait. That thought actually isn’t comforting at all. Oh well! We’re all having fun blogging here, right? That’s the important part.

My long weekend began at 10:30am today due to my boss busting me for working too much this week. I was told to go relax and enjoy my weekend as best I can given the state of the coronapocalypse. I was using work as a nice distraction from the world falling apart around me, but I’m overall grateful, I guess.

Instead of wisely using my extra time to write planned posts for Blapril, I decided to do the following:

  • Waited in a socially distanced line to get into a grocery store to buy chocolate, while witnessing garbage humanity at its worst.
  • Walked over 10km while doing a lot of Pokémon GO stuff.
  • Played for the first time and beat in one sitting a relaxing underwater video game that has been sitting in my Steam library for years.
  • Created an Instagram account due to peer pressure.

Some of those activities sparked blog article ideas at least! It’s just a matter of forming those raw thoughts into coherent written words at some point. For today, I’m going to give my structured thoughts on a cool piece of video game historical literature: A History of Video Games in 64 Objects which details items in The Strong museum located in Rochester, NY. Lots and lots of love being sent down south to all my USA neighbours, by the way. You guys got this!

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