Real Neat Blogger Award Thingy 2

Six more blog posts to go and my unplanned 30-day Blapril posting spree is over. Almost there! And thanks to the awesome Lloyd Frangos over at the great UnCapt, Ace Asunder has received our second Real Neat Blogger Award tag! Thank you so much for the content to post about today, dude.

There are official rules and stuff with this but the gist of it is answer 7 questions and tag others. Let’s jump right into that process then!

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Super Happy Love Blog Award Thingy

True love heals and conquers hate and misery, which the world seems to have a lot of these days sadly. When I’m feeling at my worst, trying to help the people I care about and focusing on the positive things around me helps keep my darkness at bay. Yep. I have a lot of things going on right now that make me really freaking sad, but I have a lot of really good things going on now too.

The glass is not half full nor half empty… I shattered it and focused on living in the now. It’s just a damn glass with liquid in it, and is in no way an accurate representation of my overall optimism levels.

Anywho, the super lovely Later Levels nominated me for this lovely Super Happy Love Blog Award created by the super personable Pinkie’s Paradise. Thank you so much! More of these love and positivity things are definitely needed on the internet and I’m honored for the opportunity to partake.

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The Versatile Blogger Award Thingy

Woot! I’m honored to be raking in the blogger award hardware over here lately. Badly needed content during my impromptu plunge into the Blapril daily posting community event, lemme tell ya. Huge thanks to the terrific Tessa over at Princess In A Castle for this award, helping me get through Day 8 of content creation. Also definitely check out her books! I’ve read one so far, loved it, and can’t wait to read more soon.

Always with the rules with these awards, so let’s get that over with first. It’s the usual thank the awesome person who gave you the award (done!) and then tag others.

This award’s thing to do is: tell 7 things about thyself. Imma do that and then pass out for the day. Is the stress from all the coronavirus concerns ever wearing me out, man. 😦

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Blogger Recognition Award Thingy

Dawn of the 7th Blapril post… Solarayo is tired. I actually had a long day at work (have to go to my office sometimes for test equipment and I found something critical in overtime hours) and words are hard to type right now. But dammit, I want to post each day in April and I already cheated once so…. let’s do this, I guess.

Zzzzzzzz… wait. What? Post! Right.

Shout-out to the fantastic Frostilyte for awarding Ace Asunder with my 2nd ever blog award thingy. I have multiple words of thanks for helping me stumble through another article on this unplanned 30-day posting journey, while an increasingly terrifying pandemic unfolds everywhere around me.

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