Crazed Corona Chatter 2: Survival Mode, Disengage!

It’s good to vent! That’s one of the main reasons why I write stuff, actually. Like most of the world, I’ve been driven completely crazy by the COVID-19 crisis. All other humans in the physical world are potential virus vectors to be avoided. It’s a freaking terrifying time as we watch death counts soar and hunker down helplessly as all our freedoms are taken away for the greater good of humanity.

And so, this “Crazed Corona Chatter” series of articles will be my way to just unload about it when I feel I need to. Sadly, I don’t think this depressing chaos will go away anytime soon.

Feel free to vent in the comments section too. I’m listening and here for ya! We got this.

I have successfully dodged all information from the world’s frenzied media outlets for the past week. I just… can’t anymore. Being constantly assaulted with depressing news is absolutely destroying my mental health. I feel like I’ve lost all my life skillz progress and wore out all the new coping tools my therapist gave me after our last session in February. I REFUSE to devolve into that miserable, angry, heartbroken, self-destructive mess I was again, dammit!

Sometimes detaching from the sources of your pain is the only thing you can do to save yourself.

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