My Marvelously Mundane Routine

This article is brought to you by the fifth Blaugust 2020 Promtapalooza topic presented by the awesome blogger Everwake: Everyone has specific rituals that they follow, tell us about one of yours.

My biggest personal ritual is probably the regular weekday routine I stick to very closely. Yeah. My offline life is honestly pretty boring, but I am actually quite grateful to still have most of the normality I took for granted in the pre-coronapocalypse era. Stability is where it’s at, yo!

Anyway, brace yourselves… here’s the super uninteresting typical weekday routine of a forever single asexual woman, and old crazy cat lady in training! On the weekends I pretty much just do whatever I feel like (usually sleep/video games and/or go on adventures with offline friends).

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Crazed Corona Chatter 3: Gym Guilt

It’s good to vent! That’s one of the main reasons why I write stuff, actually. Like most of the world, I’ve been driven completely crazy by the COVID-19 crisis. All other humans in the physical world are potential virus vectors to be avoided. It’s a freaking terrifying time as we watch death counts soar and hunker down helplessly as all our freedoms are taken away for the greater good of humanity.

And so, this “Crazed Corona Chatter” series of articles will be my way to just unload about it when I feel I need to. Sadly, I don’t think this depressing chaos will go away anytime soon.

Feel free to vent in the comments section too. I’m listening and here for ya! We got this.

I don’t want to jinx anything but things are kinda… safely getting back to normal over here?! Wow. *gasps*

It’s true! I am very grateful to be living in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. At the time of this article we have 1 active case of COVID-19 in our province (1,067 confirmed cases, 63 deaths, and 1,003 people recovered) and we’re also on a 11-day streak of no new cases despite increased testing.

I can offer nothing but praise for how well my local government has handled this crisis given the circumstances. Especially when I read about how…. um, not well other governments have handled this.

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The Legends of Twitch

If you would’ve told me last year that I’d be spending most of my waking hours in 2020 watching other people play video games on the internet, I honestly would’ve called you crazy.

“Why in the hell would I want to watch other gamers game when I can spend that time playing video games for myself?”

Me of Yesteryear

Yep. A lot of my old mindsets have changed and grown with time!

This year I discovered the streaming gameplay community isn’t just a bunch of boring overrated millionaires pwning n00bs in the latest popular multiplayer game to the tune of chats moving a million miles per hour (so much yawn). Streaming can become something super special and awesome when it’s done for a greater purpose and within a tightknit community of friends.

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Have You Ever…

… run out of blogging ideas? I clearly have!

Nah. I’m kidding. I’ve seen a gamer version of this post tag question thing floating around the blogging community (that’s also on my To Do list) but thought it’d be fun to steal this regular version from the cool Quietschisto of RNG, who stole it from the cool Chrisse of Vamp It Up Manchester.

So here are my answers to questions about things I’ve done! And my introductions in articles clearly need work… but meh.

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There’s More to Life Than Having Sex

Triggered!! Ahem. This article has been inspired by the always awesome Kim of Later Levels and her superb post from 2019 criticizing a study that blamed video games for the reason why people aren’t having as much of that glorious sex thing. Nowadays you can blame the pandemic for that (ha!) but the root cause of my triggering remains the same in today’s coronavirus infested world.

Finding out about this “study” (I use the word loosely since it implies something professional happened. It did not.) triggered me for several reasons. Kim did a great job critiquing the reasons why the data from the study is flawed (seriously, check out her post). I’m going to concentrate on ranting about the thing that irked me the most about this whole thing: the fact that this study was even done at all.

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Real Neat Blogger Award Thingy 2

Six more blog posts to go and my unplanned 30-day Blapril posting spree is over. Almost there! And thanks to the awesome Lloyd Frangos over at the great UnCapt, Ace Asunder has received our second Real Neat Blogger Award tag! Thank you so much for the content to post about today, dude.

There are official rules and stuff with this but the gist of it is answer 7 questions and tag others. Let’s jump right into that process then!

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