Seriously Geeky Sundays: Conventions

In an alternate reality where the coronavirus doesn’t exist and humans might possibly be spider-people, the annual San Diego Comic-Con would be happening this weekend. But alas, we’re all stuck on this virus-ridden homosapien-controlled version of Earth.

I’ve never attended a convention before, and to be perfectly honest, it’s not something I’ve been too keen on experiencing firsthand (I’ve been social distancing since way before it was cool). I did have plans for a long road trip with my best friend to attend my first one in August, but obviously that got cancelled for reasons.

Meh. I got a full refund and now I don’t have to deal with the annoying strangers that come attached to conventions, so all good!

Anyway, welcome back to another installment of me answering questions for Just Geeking By‘s series of blogging prompts called Seriously Geeky Sundays. This week is all about convention experiences (of which I have none so this should be interesting). Definitely check out Heather’s creative prompts and take part in the fun if you want! I’m absolutely loving her questions so far.

So… without anymore intro babbling from me, here are my answers to Just Geeking By’s conventional questions for this week. Thank you, Heather!

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