Operation! NES Edition

This article is a satirical and not-at-all-serious recount of how a quack video game console surgeon replaced the faulty 72-pin connector on her aging original NES console. Fellow console surgeons who actually want to preform the procedure themselves are advised to consult an actual guide located elsewhere on the internet.

The Diagnosis

I had met the patient at a flea market in the summer of 2015. At the time, he appeared to be in good health and even had his original packaging. Not only that he also came with Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt and one of those classic flashy light guns. The NES era was a generation before my time and I know there are many classic games I missed out on from those glory days of gaming. I decided I’d give the old guy a new home, and I also picked up the original two Zelda games along with him. When I brought him home, however, his hidden illness was quickly revealed…

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