Fandom Fixing

Welcome to me partaking in yet another intensive blogging community event on a whim!

Well, it doesn’t need to be intensive since partakers can pick and choose what prompts to write articles on. I’m going to challenge myself to try all of the prompts in addition to the one I’m introing on August 19th, 2020. Why the hell not?

But yeah, I’m getting ahead of myself as usual.

For those unaware, Belghast of Tales from the Aggronaut wisely concluded that this year still sucks and another big community event was needed to boost morale. Now the Blaugust Promptapalooza thingy is happening!

Basically, 31 prompts will be dropped by various bloggers on different days in a sort of relay thing. People playing along can write articles for whatever prompts they want to. Sounds fun!

So here’s the first prompt asked by Belghast himself: If you could change anything about one of your core fandoms, what would it be?

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Dynamax Dat Phat Beat! (Pokémon Sword)

Holy crap!! Pokémon sure has come a long way since I peaced out on the series after the Gold/Silver era. I’m in shock and awe over here…

Don’t get me wrong! It’s not like I hated the games after Gold/Silver or anything. Young me just lost interest in the series after that generation for whatever reason.

“Gotta catch ’em all!” was starting to feel way too overwhelming, I guess. I mean, I had a hard enough time keeping tabs on 251… now there’s, what? 800+ types of the lil’ pocket monsters crawling around?? That’s a crazy number that would take forever to acquire. Wow.

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IRL Travels: Liberty and Prosperity, and NYC

What a difference a year can make… just… wow.

Exactly one year ago today, I had no idea what coronaviruses were and excitedly embarked on an aircraft alone to venture off on my first ever international trip. I chose to take my first steps off of Canadian soil in the good ol’ USA. More specifically, the great State of New Jersey (which gets far too much hate, in my opinion) and a whirlwind walking tour of New York City.

The major goal of the trip was to meet some cool online buddies in reality for the first time. I was also in the middle of a panicked health scare and there was no time like the present to see more things. That trip was honestly the best few days of my entire life, and I’ll treasure the memories I made there for the rest of my life. ❤

I even got a badass souvenir tattoo while I was there: A pink dragon with New Jersey’s state motto “Liberty and Prosperity” under it. I can’t really convey into words the special meaning behind it. I just know I’ll never stop smiling whenever I look at it.

I have a new appreciation for how hard it is to take a decent photo of my own arm.

I loved meeting the good people of the USA. I felt so welcomed in New Jersey. It breaks my heart when I think of the current cataclysmic situations unfolding there now. A year ago might as well have been another lifetime on a different planet. I’m grateful I got to see some of the USA at its best, and I know my beloved American friends will get through this. Sending all my love across the border, eh!

To honor the anniversary of that awesome trip, here’s a travel log style article detailing my wonderful days spent there.

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