Goose-ness Gracious

Sometimes you have to see a game in action before you decide to dive into it. I read all the hype on the internet for House House’s cute game staring a jerk goose when it first came out, but I never felt compelled to actually play it for some reason. That is until I watched the great Gaming Diaries stream the whimsical craziness on Twitch (Definitely check out her work and give her a follow on WordPress and Twitch. She’s awesomely entertaining!).

Untitled Goose Games puts you in control of a delinquent unnamed goose in a quaint unknown town setting. The overall goal is to harass the locals as much as you can while on a quest to steal the town’s shiny golden bell. Absolutely deplorable… and shamefully fun!

Can’t say I blame the townsfolk for being anti-goose. Still. Symbols of blind hate are always wrong. #NotAllGeese
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Flamingo Fountain From Fallout 4

My stress level is completely freaking maxed out, man. I won’t address the microscopic elephant in the room directly (you know who you are, you relentless little packet of replicating RNA… damn you!) but I literally can’t get any more upset no matter what else goes catastrophically wrong in my life. It’s an emotional state of eerie stressed serenity. Yeah. It’s hard to describe. I’ll be okay… probably.

Anyway, I heard this really cool internet togetherness event was happening called Blapril, where you are basically challenged to do a post a day in April 2020 and share in on a wonderful community objective. Now, normally things on this scale require lots of planning and whatnot, but nah. I just jumped in blindly and am gonna bumble my way through this! It’s kinda like how I handle everything in my life these days. And since I’m incapable of being any more stressed than I already am, it’s the perfect project!

So let’s pull some content out of my head while I slowly descend into madness over here, shall we? Hm. Well, I really love taking screenshots in video games. I bought a capture card just to give my classic consoles that functionality and have too many GBs of screenshots saved from various games. Might as well share some!

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