Goose-ness Gracious

Sometimes you have to see a game in action before you decide to dive into it. I read all the hype on the internet for House House’s cute game staring a jerk goose when it first came out, but I never felt compelled to actually play it for some reason. That is until I watched the great Gaming Diaries stream the whimsical craziness on Twitch (Definitely check out her work and give her a follow on WordPress and Twitch. She’s awesomely entertaining!).

Untitled Goose Games puts you in control of a delinquent unnamed goose in a quaint unknown town setting. The overall goal is to harass the locals as much as you can while on a quest to steal the town’s shiny golden bell. Absolutely deplorable… and shamefully fun!

Can’t say I blame the townsfolk for being anti-goose. Still. Symbols of blind hate are always wrong. #NotAllGeese
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