Troubling Tomahawk From Grand Theft Auto V

Mwahahaha!! My crazed criminal alter ego Genni and I had lots of fun together this past Sunday night/Monday morning. Yep. I was a sleepless wreck for work from home yesterday (rolling out of bed 5 minutes before my shift FTW), but dammit, it was worth it.

Genni and I hadn’t really spent a lot of time together before that. Let’s see… I wasted a bunch of the starter money on tattoos, cars, and properties after she was created. Oh! And she had a blast hanging out with the lovely Later Levels crew plus the dashing Dan of on a live Twitch stream last Wednesday.

Well… she mostly got drunk and died a lot, but it was the best time ever once technology worked! She went up to Rank 2 from all the chaos as a bonus. That was also my first time “on-air gaming” and it was pretty freaking cool, and only a tiny bit terrifying. Shout-out again to Later Levels for the invite!

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Necessary Necessities From Grand Theft Auto V

Lucky me got to buy the fancy digital Premium Edition of Grand Theft Auto V for only $14.99 CAD the other day! Included in that was a nice $1,000,000 in the bank to get my online character, Genni, off to a great start in Los Santos. Of course, I have to be careful and spend that money wisely!

My very first stop was the local tattoo parlor to get a spartan sleeve on her left arm, and a skull-ace design on her right arm. Next stop was the salon to dye her hair purple, because everything is better with colorful hair, no? And finally, a clothing store to buy a badass biker jacket. Oh and I may have bought a house using my phone… how convenient!

All in all, I spent about $400,000 in 10 minutes. See. I’m totally responsible with money over here and only got the necessary necessities for Genni.

I should probably actually focus on leveling her now… or maybe go car shopping!

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Genni the Trainwreck From Grand Theft Auto V

Ow! Broken hearts suck, but they are a part of life that can’t be avoided. True strength comes from always picking yourself up no matter how many times fate shatters your soul. Weep not for paths that didn’t happen. Just carry on the path you’re given, as much as it seems to suck.

I’ll stop being a drama queen now… my feelz are oversensitive, man. I will just say fate dealt me one of those crushing heartbreak thingys this week and I escaped to the land of Grand Theft Auto V to ease my pain (also ice cream, good friends, and supportive cats are awesome).

Like Elder Scrolls Online, the blame for the impulse-jumping-into GTA Online goes directly to the Later Levels crew. Seeing all the pew pew awesomeness on their streams… how can I not want to get back into stealing cars and blowing up stuff?

My alter ego on Twitch is genni_glen_thill so I named my criminal avatar in her honor. I’ve only scratched the surface of GTA Online and am totally looking forward to being harassed by higher level players who are jerks very soon.

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